They have helped us understand him! Govt to compensate abducted Bobi Wine supporters

NUP released a fresh list of missing supporters

President Museveni has announced that security will release over 50 people abducted during the November 2020 protest and review files of those already taken to court.

Gen. Museveni made the revelation at Kololo Independence grounds after chairing the 3rd Summit of the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue-IPOD.

Museveni said the issue of arrested people was one of those discussed in the meeting with UPC’s Jimmy Akena and DP’s Norbert Mao.

Museveni said the arrested people shall be freed unconditionally and helped to settle.

For those before different courts of law, he promised to liaise with the DPP to review each case and recommend a “soft” landing.

He said that the people who were arrested have helped government to learn more about the plans of their leaders whom he referred to as “mis-calculators”.

On 18th and 19th November 2020, protests erupted in different parts of the country following the arrest of Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi of the National Unity Platform-NUP in Luuka district during a campaign trail.At least 54 people were killed and hundreds arrested.

Museveni says the protests were a result of “mis-calculators” who might have thought that their attacks on members of the NRM would scare people from voting and that probably the NRM government would collapse.

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