Top 10 Secondary Schools in Uganda

Here is a list of Top 10 Secondary Schools in Uganda. Along with six schools that deserve honorable mention. These schools, although not making the official top ten list are deserving of mention for their strong performance. We are pleased to include them all to the list and commend them all for good years.

Here are the Top Secondary Schools in Uganda – Honorable Mention

15. St. Joseph Voc Sch, Mbarara

St. Joseph’s Vocational school is a Private, Boarding “O” and “A” senior secondary school with outstanding reputation in Mbarara town.
The school continues to have the vision of recruiting young catholic boys from Mbarara Archdiocese and turning them into firm pillars as Christian leaders and promoters of both secular and religious values premised on the foundation of true holistic education.
14. Gayaza High School

Christian missionaries belonging to the Church Missionary Society of England founded Gayaza High School in January 1905 with four students. By July 1905, the number of students had grown to 43. The land was donated to the Church then by Kabaka Chwa II.
13. St. Joseph SSS, Naggalama

is a Catholic founded non-profit making private co-educational day and boarding school owned by the Registered Trustees of Lugazi Diocese. It was started in 1967 by Naggalama Parish with quite limited goals of offering affordable secondary education to children from within the parish who could not make it to the then popular destinations of primary school leavers.
12. Immaculate Heart Girls’ School – Nyakibale

opened on 8th, March, 1969 by Bishop Placidus Gervasius Nkalanga the then Bishop of Kabale Diocese and Apostolic Administrator.
He aimed at offering Educational opportunities to girls’ of former Kigezi and Uganda in general. It was not easy to start a school and staff it at that time, it was therefore at that time that the Bishop requested The Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Mbarara to take up the leadership of the school and history has it that the first headmistress of Immaculate Heart Girls School was Sr. Mangadalene one of the twin sisters (her twin sister is Sr.Louise) and the first board of Governors was chaired by Fr Polycarp Kobusheshe.
11. Ndejje Senior Secondary School

is a mixed boarding government-aided secondary school founded by the Church of Uganda in 1963. It is located in Luweero District and situated 8 km west of Bombo (34 Kms along Kampala /Gulu road). It is also found in Katikamu County and Nyimwba Sub County. The main school campus covers 46.21 acres of land that was allocated by the Church of Uganda, just next to Ndejje trading center.
Top 10 Secondary Schools in Uganda
10. Seeta High School

Seeta High school is a Mixed Day and Boarding ‘0’ and ‘A’ Level Vocational Secondary School Fully registered by Ministry of Education & Sports Centre No. PSS/S/203 Under direct supervision of Ministry of Education and Sports, Buganda Kingdom.
9. Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School

A private girl’s school in Kampala District from senior one to six.
8. Namilyango College

Namilyango College is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in Mukono District in Central Uganda.
7. St. Henry’s College Kitovu

is a boys boarding government-aided secondary school that was founded by the White Fathers in 1922. It is located in Masaka District, 120 kms from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The College is located 4 kms from Masaka Town and 2 kms from the Nyendo surbub atop the Kitovu Hill near the  Roman Catholics Cathedral in Kitovu.

The main school campus covers a large expanse of land. In the same vicinity are a number of institutions such as the Kitovu Hospital and Masaka Diocesan Development Organisation (MADDO).

6. London College of St. Lawrence

  • London college of St Lawrence is renown for outstanding academic excellence, sports success, all round education  and a significant contribution to our alumni network. London College is also the home of our Annual Multiple Show- a militaristic parade mounted by the citizens of the St Lawrence Academy, Schools and Colleges.

5. Ntare School

  • is a boys’ boarding secondary school located in Mbarara District, South Western Uganda with both Ordinary and Advanced levels. It ranks among the prominent schools in the country, both in academic performance and popularity.

4. Uganda Marytrs  S.S. Namugongo

  • We have been given the impetus to become the leading private secondary school in the country, posting excellent results in the national examinations. At Namugongo we are moving from a good school to a great family of God as we struggle to maintain our culture of academic excellence. The school’s aims and objectives are; to pass out academically excellent students, who are God fearing and imbued with leadership skills. On the academic front our students pass their ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Advanced’ level examinations with distinction.

St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School

  • SMASK is a private secondary school found in Ssisa Sub-County, Wakiso District. We are one of the leading schools in Uganda with two campuses providing unrivaled range of environment for educational opportunities running as an “O” and “A” level, boys and girls mixed school.

2. St. Mary’s College, Kisubi

  • ‘SMACK’ as it is popularly known, ranks first among its equals. Founded in 1906 by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, with Roman Catholic roots, the school celebrated its centenary in 2006. It has consistently produced well-balanced individuals in every professional discipline in the Arts, the Sciences, Business and Politics.

1. Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga

  • Since its inception, the school has merited and maintained its place of one of the top best performing schools in the country both in the O’level and A’level National examinations.
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