Top Museveni adviser Dr. Musenero to paresnts: Wait for presidential address to return children to school

President Museveni is expected to address the nation on Sunday (PHOTO/Courtesy

The senior Presidential advisor on epidemics, Dr Monica Munesero, has advised parents not to take their children to school before the presidential address on June 06, 2021.

Semi candidates are expected to report for their special term on July 07, 2021, with boarders reporting on Saturday, June 05, 2021. Musenero says that she has been receiving several calls from the parents asking for guidance on whether to take their children to school or wait for the presidential address.

She says that it’s better for the parents to wait for the address and make an informed decision on the issue of taking back the students to school.

Musenero adds that to avoid the situation of parents rushing to pick children from school and spending money on paying fees, parents would be safe to wait for the presidential advice.

She adds that the COVID-19 situation in the country is worrying and also the increasing cases in schools need to be analyzed. She also adds that some schools have decided to hide cases that make the situation worse for the country and the learners’ population.

This comes at a time when some schools that have had confirmed cases decided to suspend classes and send the learners home for some period of time as they study the situation. Among the few schools that have confirmed covid-19 cases is Greenhill Academy secondary and Greenhill Academy primary school Kibuli.

However, Musenero says that schools that have had confirmed cases of Covid-19 should ensure that they follow the right procedures recommended by the national task force. Among the steps to be followed is the isolation of any confirmed case and reporting them to the district Covid-19 task force.

To make matters worse, two headteachers from Gombe Secondary school and also the director St Lawrence Ssonde also reported to have succumbed to Covid-19.

Earlier some schools had raised complaints about some parents’ decision to hold their children at home as they waited to hear the presidential advice with anticipation of another lockdown for schools.

Meanwhile the Director of Basic and secondary education Ismail Mulindwa also head of the Covid-19 task force when approached on the matter, did not contradict Dr. Musenero’s advice and said that as a ministry of education they are also waiting for the presidential address to know the way forward.

‘’As a ministry, we cannot speak for Dr Musenero about her advice because she may be knowing something we do not know, however, we are also waiting for the presidential address for a way forward’’ says Mulindwa.

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