TOP STORY: Nambooze destroys Katikkiro Mayiga in dossier


Mukono Municipality MP has hit at Mayiga over links with government

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has hit at Mengo establishment, making demeaning allegations against the Kingdom in a veiled jib to Kabaka’s number two Charles Peter Mayiga.

Nambooze who has since been declared a person non grata at Bulange, accuses Katikkiro Mayiga of cheaply selling the kingdom to the state, hence pouring iced water on the Kingdom’s demands including federal, land tittles among others.

“He chose to work with the regime even when what we had been fighting for as Buganda and Ugandans had not been granted. Through him cold water was poured on the “Buganda Ensonga Ssemasonga” and a situation has been imposed on us to consider the Buganda question answered,” Nambooze wrote, adding that “Buganda is nolonger an election issue”.

She also claims that by selling the Kingdom and abandoning its interests, “we stand politically irrelevant as a Kingdom and as a people!” and now “we have to realise that there is something fundamentally wrong in Mengo”.

In 2008, both Mayiga and Nambooze were arrested alongside Medard Lubega over criticising the regime and driven to different locations within Kampala and later detained at Jinja Road Police Station, before being transferred to Western Uganda where they spent a harrowing seven-day experience that they will live to remember.

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Nambooze now castigates Mayiga of leading a sudden turning around against Buganda Activists who had been deployed to advance the interests of the Kingdom and abandoning fighters at the battle field.

“A Kingdom cant afford to be a user….that people like me who sacrificed their youthful years to stand with their Kingdom can just be thrown away after being used….I hear used and dumped….No, Kingdom don’t do such things because unlike Political regimes that come and go, Kingdoms are cultural institutions that last for generations,” she asserted, hit the Katikkiro Mayiga who in already in bad books with Kabaka’s many subjects.

Several other people have come out to denounce Mr. Mayiga, accusing him of being compromised and naming those who demand stand with the kingdom enemies of Buganda.

“When the junta’s hitmen drove me to Western Uganda, they kept on mocking me that as much as I was suffering, the Kabaka and his children were in the Palace enjoying life. I told them bravely, that that is exactly what I was fighting for….”For my King to be well at my expense’.

Nambooze who that at one point says she was driven to the shores of Lake Albert where her captors locked her inside a car and went out to the nearby Hotel to relax adds:
“The Lord was on our side we survived those bad days and I believe we shall also survive the new challenges. We are now mature and wiser and no one will ever do to us anything that will make us denounce our Kingdom. I mean no one. We also know that because of elections, the Junta is mounting alot of pressure on institutions”.

This is the first time that Nambooze is taking on Mengo establishment over what describes as a plot to denounce the kingdom by Mr. Mayiga.

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