LATEST! Tourists dead on River Nile after Boat is sucked into Dam Spillways

Super Shakira

Super Shakirah is among the River Nile fatalities

Four people are feared dead after their boats capsized in River Nile, on Sunday evening.

According to available information, a tourist family of four and a guide using a speed boat and a wooden engine boat headed towards the Kiira Power Station intake in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, were reportedly sucked through the spillways.

Their boat was carried by the river current towards Kiira Power station whose spill ways were open to release excess water

It is said one boy was rescued while the search for the others was still on by the UPDF marine as of Sunday night.


The police have rushed to the site to commence investigations into the incident.

Preliminary information indicates the boats‘ engine failed yet the operators did not have pedaling equipment.

The tour guide is said to have jumped out as the boat was uncontrollable and managed to swim to safety.

It’s understood the rest were unable to make it.

Sp Hasunira Ahmed, DPC Jinja CPS said those who drowned include Hassan Alwi (Adirector of international university of East Africa), Super Shakirah, Amirror Alwi (Their daughter and one rescue person not yet identified).

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