Trouble in Oulanyah camp as Museveni meets Kadaga alone

Speaker Kadaga, President Museveni and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah (PHOTO/Montage)

KAMPALA — The campaign team of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah are seriously disturbed by the second meeting between President Museveni and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga in which the Omoro man was not invited.

Museveni on Tuesday invited Kadaga to meet him at the Kisozi ranch, where the president is known to handle important political and state matters; landing a second blow to the Oulanyah camp.

At Kisozi, the meeting between the President and the Speaker took a whole two hours—leaving the camp of Oulanyah in total confusion, envy and desperation since they have anchored their campaigns on a weak propaganda that Museveni doesn’t like Kadaga.

The president also met a number of diplomats at Kisozi including the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zheng ZhuQiang.

Energized by the utterances of the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, the Oulanyah camp is working day and night to portray Kadaga as anti NRM and were pushing for Museveni to remove her from the race.

The Kisozi meeting becomes a second political misfortune to Oulanyah camp after the first one at Entebbe State House on 29 March 2021.

Museveni, who is also the Chairman of the NRM party, said he doesn’t remember any agreement made on the Speaker of Parliament in 2016, and consequently declined to heed to the call to withdraw Kadaga from the race.

The main goal of the anti-Kadaga camp in the ruling National Resistance Movement party during the 29 March 2021 State House meeting, was to make Museveni dwell on the purported 2016 agreement to “disqualify” Kadaga in favour of her deputy Oulanyah.

The anti-Kadaga camp, who believes it is impossible to defeat her in the ballot, want the Kamuli strong woman to be dissuaded or kept out of the race by all means.

The hopes of the team were deflated making them to resort to the propaganda of “leaking” what transpired at State House against Kadaga.

Kadaga also recently said at Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort that there was no agreement in 2016. The deputy speaker also told New Vision newspaper in February 2021 that this is his time.

In the same meeting Museveni said he is not supporting anyone for Speaker and also strongly warned the National Resistance Movement senior party leaders against using his name in the heated campaign for the Speaker of Parliament.

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