Tycoon Basajjabalaba kicked out of UMSC General Assembly over forgeries, multiple breaches

The UMSC Independent Electoral Commission, chaired by its acting Chairperson Hon. Were Abubaker Wadangho, has officially announced the removal of Haj Hassan Basajjabalaba as the Bushenyi Muslim District delegate to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) General Assembly.

“In accordance with its mandate outlined in Article 3, Subsection 2(b), the Commission, after extensive consultation, declares Hon. Ismail Sseguya as the rightful candidate who was duly elected to represent Bushenyi Muslim District in the UMSC General Assembly,” said Wadangho while addressing journalists.

The decision to remove Hon. Hassan Basajjabalaba was reached after a thorough investigation in response to a petition filed by a significant portion of the electorate of Bushenyi Muslim District. The petition challenged the election of Hassan Basajjabalaba as the district representative in the UMSC General Assembly during the polls held in November of last year.

According to Hon. Wadangho, the Commission discovered widespread election malpractices, including forgeries committed by Hon. Hassan Basajjabalaba. He was wrongly listed on the Declaration of Results forms as the duly elected Bushenyi Muslim District Chairperson and delegate to the UMSC General Assembly in violation of the election regulations and guidelines.

Furthermore, the Commission found that Basajjabalaba’s election was invalid according to the UMSC Constitution, citing Article 29(6), which prohibits him from standing for any post within the UMSC structure.

Credible evidence presented by the petitioners indicated that Hon. Hassan Basajjabalaba was successfully impeached from the position of National Chairman by the relevant topmost organ of the Council in previous years.

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