Tycoon Haji Bulaimu Kibirige Muwanga – BMK is dead

Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK, has been a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur and hotel owner (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Hajji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK, one of the Ugandan wealthiest businessmen has passed on.

Kibirige (67), the owner of BMK Company and Hotel Africana passed on in the wee hours of Friday morning. He is said to have died in a Nairobi hospital where he had been admitted for some time.

Godfrey Kirumira, the chairperson of the Kwagalana Group confirmed Kibirige’s death.

He said a young brother, Haruna Kibirige was on Friday morning preparing to board a plane to Kenya to visit him when he received a phone call informing him about the death.

“I have just talked to his young brother, and he said he was about to board a plane when he got a call from Nairobi informing him about the death,” Kirumira stated.

BMK has been the chairman and managing director of the BMK Group of companies that include Hotel Africana Wampewo Avenue in Kampala, Hotel Africana Moroto and Hotel Africana Lusaka in Zambia.

Others are BMK motorcycles Uganda limited in Kampala, Nairobi Kenya, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Hotel Africana Forex Bureau, BMK construction Leasing Company, BMK Oil Equipment Company, among others.

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