UACE 2020: Best 100 schools in Economics

Economics as a subject at UACE 2020 was poorly performed due to different reasons. Enock Kibuuka a teacher facilitating the Subject recently raised his concerns over the Subject failure rate as Quoted in the New Vision.

“I regularly attend and facilitate in teachers’ of economics workshops and seminars. Truth be told, you appreciate how ill-prepared many of these teachers of the subject are, which understandably spills over to students. The quality of notes of many teachers of economics, irrespective of whether senior or junior teachers is alarming. I have found out that most teachers do not read widely in their areas of specialisation, as a result, often obsolete content is given to students, which largely contributes to their failure.”- Enock Kibuuka

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education teaching syllabus for economics specifies two papers in which leaners have to be examined and assessed: Economics P220/1 Paper One, which seeks to test the students’ understanding of basic economic theories and concepts. For the proper examination format, the questions in this paper do not have any particular economy in mind, but rather in any given economy.

The same worries of teacher ill content and deeper understanding of the topics like taxations were also noted in the UACE release Speech in subjects like Economics and Entrepreneurship.

In general, as of UACE 2020, with over 33000 students sitting for Economics, atleast 0.83% scored A as compared to 21.39% with F.

Only 279 candidates countrywides managed an A from 110 schools

We now detail the best 100 centres in Economics as of UACE 2020.

1Jinja Parents School,KagomaJinja1220000
3Oxford SSIbanda2131000
4Isaac Newton H/SKalungu0301000
5St.Marys College,KisubiWakiso29144100
6Mandela SSHoima110106000
7St.Julian H/S AnnexWakiso0332000
8Seeta H/SMukono6393828510
9Gods Way H/SWakiso0461100
10Ntare SchoolMbarara9142517410
11Katende Progressive Voc SsMpigi0020000
12St.Marks SS,KammengoMpigi0220100
13Standard H/S,OmungyenyiNtungamo0040000
14Mirembe College School,KatweKampala0010000
15Kakiri SSWakiso0010000
16Glory H/S,MityanaMityana0010000
17Bulooba Royal CollegeWakiso6182115710
18St.Thomas Voc. SS,RubiriziRubirizi29106400
19Namilyango CollegeMukono510207240
20Iganga SSIganga3203420520
21Kings College,BudoWakiso112733281050
22St.Henrys College,KitovuMasaka3131414520
23St.Josephs Seminary,NyengaBuikwe0153000
24St.Marys SS,KitendeWakiso2361887927142
25St.Josephs SS,NaggalamaMukono4112317440
26Uphill College,KigomaBushenyi0110100
27St.Elizabeth Girls SsMityana0233100
28Kibingo Girls SSSheema0445110
29Maryhill H/SMbarara11434241310
30Uganda Martyrs Ss,NamugongoWakiso830665319101
31Makindye SSKampala3161512851
32St.Andrea Kahwas CollegeHoima1112622740
33Midland H/S,LuweeroLuweero0122100
34Standard College,NtungamoNtungamo22433151781
35Ubuntu Hill SchoolWakiso0096100
36Ian College,LyantondeLyantonde0152200
37Kiyanga Voc. SS,BushenyiMitooma0022000
38Greenlight Islamic Ss,NansanaWakiso191611830
39Seeta H/S "A" Level CampusMukono11316161140
40St.Judes SS,KatendeMpigi0333210
41Seeta H/S,MukonoMukono330545219151
42Notre Dame Academy,BuseesaKibaale0062200
43Cornerstone Leadership AcademyWakiso0328200
44Kichwamba H/SRubirizi151212620
45Standard College SS,NsangiWakiso1130120
46Nabisunsa Girls SchoolKampala320332312141
47St.George H/S,KabusuKampala0012000
48Winston Standard SsKampala0012000
49Mengo SSKampala1743353928249
50Ntungamo Girls H/SNtungamo0166210
51Christ The King Girls SsWakiso0200110
52Kinoni Intergrated SSLwengo0111010
53St.Marks College,NamagomaWakiso624433526192
54Exodus College School,MmendeWakiso2347321
55Sacred Heart Seminary,MubendeMubende0043200
56Ibuje SSApac0133110
57St.Henrys College,MbalwaWakiso2133420
58St.Theresa Girls Voc Ss,IbandaIbanda0151120
59St.Cecilia Girls Ss,BushenyiBushenyi0127200
60Cornerstone Leadership AcademyNakasongola0057300
61St.Agnes Girls SS,BushenyiBushenyi3619271461
62Bweranyangi Girls SchoolBushenyi1729421780
63Citizens SS,IbandaIbanda722323132193
64St.Josephs SS,KkongeMpigi0124300
65Mityana Standard SSMityana0378150
66Seeta H/S Green Campus,MukonoMukono011373814171
67St.Francis Borgia H/SMukono0238220
68Immaculate Heart Girls SchoolRukungiri117343131132
69Gayaza H/SWakiso0914221480
70Katooke SSKyenjojo0037110
71Mawogola H/S,BukululaSsembabule0001000
72Buryansungwe SSKamwenge0341240
73Busaana SSKayunga0014100
74Umar B.A Islamic H/SMukono0112110
75Mpigi Light CollegeMpigi01710140
76Serwanga-Lwanga M/SKalangala0012100
77St.Josephs Girls,NsambyaKampala18211414111
78Qamar H/S,BunamwayaWakiso0001000
79Kisozi H/SWakiso05610631
80Kyeibare Girls SSMitooma1000110
81Mahungye SSMitooma0001000
82Katerera Comp H/SRubirizi0100200
83Kitagata H/SSheema244121040
84Nawansega SSLuuka0001000
85Makerere H/S,MigaddeWakiso011210531
86Pride College SchoolMpigi21316211984
87St.Thomas Aquinas CollegeKamwenge04311421
88Caltec Academy,MakerereKampala0176620
89Kansanga Seed SSKampala031011760
90Notredame H/SMasaka0042310
91Kirinya C/U SS,KirekaWakiso0377821
92Vienna H/S,KabowaKampala0245430
93St.Pauls Seminary,KabaleKabale0366550
94Archbishop Kiwanuka Ss,KitovuMasaka0194640
95Ntungamo H/SNtungamo25302424161
96Ndejje SSLuweero0721302292
97Holy Cross Lake View Ss,JinjaJinja03816860
98St.Joseph Of Nazareth H/SMpigi048101250
99Bexhill H/S,KamutuuzaKalungu0045220
100Alliance SS,IbandaIbanda1381276
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