UCE 2020: Best schools with aggregates 8 in 8

Education Minister Janet Museveni has said the government is considering a phased reopening of schools (PHOTO /Courtesy).

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports has released Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination results for the year 2020 indicating an improvement in the general performance of candidates.

According to UNEB, candidature decreased by 4,324 (-1.3%) from 337,720 in 2019 to 333,396. Of these, 148,128 (44.4%) were USE beneficiaries.

The number of male candidates registered is 166,744 (50.01%) and that of females is 166,652 (49.99%).

The difference is only 92 more males than females. In 2019, the number of females had surpassed that of the males by 398.

The list below shows schools with Aggregates 8 in 8.

1Seeta High SchoolMukono26
2Uganda Martyrs Ss,NamugongoWakiso26
3St.Marys College,KisubiWakiso19
4St.Marys Secondary School,KitendeWakiso12
5St.Josephs Secondary School,NaggalamaMukono9
7Buddo Secondary SchoolWakiso6
8Kings College,BudoWakiso5
9Namilyango CollegeMukono5
10Naalya Secondary School,NamugongoWakiso4
11Nabisunsa Girls SchoolKampala4
12Our Lady Of Africa Secondary SchoolMukono4
13Seeta High School,MukonoMukono4
14Merryland High School,EntebbeWakiso3
15Nansana St.Joseph Secondary SchoolWakiso3
16Ndejje Secondary SchoolLuweero3
17Seeta High School Green Campus,MukonoMukono3
18St.Andrea Kahwas College,HoimaHoima3
19St.Henrys College,KitovuMasaka3
20St.Julian High School,GayazaWakiso3
21Blessed Sacrament Ss,KimaanyaMasaka2
22Bp.Cipriano Kihangire Secondary SchoolKampala2
23Iganga Secondary SchoolIganga2
24Kawempe Muslim Secondary SchoolKampala2
25Mandela Secondary School,HoimaHoima2
26St.Kalemba Secondary SchoolKayunga2
27Trinity College,NabbingoWakiso2
28Alliance Secondary School,IbandaIbanda1
29Bishops Senior School,MukonoMukono1
30Bugema Adventist Secondary SchoolLuweero1
31Crane High School,BwerengaWakiso1
32Ekitangaala Transformation High SchoolNakasongola1
33Exodus College School,MmendeWakiso1
34Forest Hill College,MukonoMukono1
35Gayaza High SchoolWakiso1
36Gayaza Road Secondary SchoolKampala1
37Gombe Secondary SchoolButambala1
38Greenhill Academy,KampalaKampala1
39Hilton High School,MukonoMukono1
40Janan Secondary School,BomboLuweero1
41Jeressar High School,SorotiSoroti1
42Kabale Brainstorm High SchoolKabale1
43Katikamu Secondary SchoolLuweero1
44Kawanda Secondary SchoolWakiso1
45King Solomons College,KyategaKyegegwa1
46Kisoro Vision Secondary SchoolKisoro1
47Kitende Secondary SchoolWakiso1
48Kitgum Comprehensive CollegeKitgum1
49Kyamate Secondary SchoolNtungamo1
50Light Secondary School,NyabubareBushenyi1
51Masaka Secondary SchoolMasaka1
52Mengo Secondary SchoolKampala1
53Midland High School,KawempeKampala1
54Mityana Modern Secondary SchoolMityana1
55Mt.St.Henrys High School,MukonoMukono1
56Namboole High SchoolWakiso1
57Namirembe Hillside High SchoolWakiso1
58Namiryango Secondary SchoolMukono1
59Ntare SchoolMbarara1
60Ntungamo High SchoolNtungamo1
61Royal Giant High School,MityanaMityana1
62Sacred Heart Secondary School,MushangaSheema1
63Sseke Secondary SchoolLwengo1
64St.Andrea Kaahwa Schools,KookiKakumiro1
65St.Cyprian Chavanod CollegeLuweero1
66St.Gracious Secondary School,LiraLira1
67St.John Evangelist SeminaryKasese1
68St.Jude Secondary School,MasakaMasaka1
69St.Marys College,RushorozaKabale1
70St.Noas Girls Secondary School,ZzanaWakiso1
71Standard Secondary School,KisoroKisoro1
72Uganda Martyrs High School,RubagaKampala1
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