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Uganda Airlines, aircraft manufacturer Airbus sign new deal

Uganda Airlines CEO Bamuturaki and Airbus ropresentatives after signing the deal (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Uganda Airlines has entered into an agreement with Airbus Flight Hour Services Company, which is a subsidiary of Airbus, for A330 aircraft spares support services.

The company will basically position a consignment of critical aircraft’s spare parts in Entebbe to support day to day spares requirements for the smooth operations of the airline.

They will also give unlimited access to their pool of many thousands of spares on exchange basis, such that when a spare part breaks down on our aircraft, Uganda airlines will immediately send it to them in exchange for a good working one, then they repair the broken one and return it to the pool.

This ensures that the airline has constant access and supply to required spares parts in a timely manner, all aimed at facilitating customer travel experience.

“The alternative would have been to buy our own spares, which would require an astronomical capital investment running into hundreds of millions of dollars. But with this signing on board now, it means that Airbus will ensure spares availability for Uganda’s aircraft using their money. In simple terms,they will be investing in our spare parts supplies as we keep on the move making money to pay back,” Ag CEO Jennifer Bamuturaki told the press while signing the agreement at the airshow in Dubai on Monday morning.

Bamuturaki added that for provision of this service, Air Uganda will pay Airbus company per aircraft flight hour at a mutually agreed rate.

Mr. Mikail Houari, Airbus’ president for Africa and Middle East, while signing the deal, said he was extremely happy and hopeful that this was happening.

“On behalf of Airbus, we’re extremely happy that this is happening. This is largely for mutual benefit of all of us here today. We’re looking forward to many more good times with Uganda,” he said.

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