Uganda is my second home! Egyptian businessman helping rural communities to access safe water

Mr. Ramadan Amr, a goodwill ambasador and member of Uganda Moslems Supreme Council Busoga Region charity group in drive to extend safe water sources to rural communities among them religious institutions.

Ramadan also a businessman with a huge investment in in telecom sector will soon commission upto 100 boreholes to support rural communities to access to safe water through his personal initiative with help of friends.

Access to safe drinking water in rural areas remains a challenge that calls for joint effort from across section of stakeholders to save the plight of people from contracting water related diseases.

Statistics show that only 32 percent of Ugandans have access to a basic water supply, while 19 percent have access to basic sanitation.

Egyptian businessman constructs over a 100 boreholes in Uganda’s rural communities (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Among the beneficiary districts include Mbarara, Gulu, Koboko, Jinja, Kampala, Iganga, Kabarole

He says that in providing water to communities is one of the means through which people can be happy and that making people happy is one of his goals in life.

The Egyptian businessman who came to Uganda in 2016 is the proprietor of Horus telecom based in industrial area, and Mazima Egy Kamp company that deals in house hold items.

He says that it all started when he received a request from a friend to help his village to have a safe water source.

“I accepted and I sourced for a contractor and when it was completed, I was invited to commission it’.

“I found the entire village very happy and from then I made a commitment to myself to construct many water pumps in different areas after I realized that water makes people happy,” says Ramadan describing Uganda as his second home.

Ramadan adds that he has made more than 100 boreholes worth more UGX500 million across the country and “I do this with own funds as well as through support from friends in my mother country, Egypt.

The businessman also provides education materials for needy learners as well as medical supplies for rural people like in Arua.

He says that since 2017 to date, he has financed more than 150 boreholes as sacrifice donation from his own company as well as friends and the same has benefited thousands of people, young and old.

“In these rural areas, there is shortage of water and many people we found them sharing water sources with animals and on request, people send me videos of their areas. It is from this that I start processing the construction of boreholes,” he says.

He adds: “Uganda has a big need for safe water. More than 50 percent of the water sources is not safe and my target is to help these people irrespective of their tribes and or religion. People need safe water for drinking to get rid of diseases related to water.”

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