Uganda is our country and we must talk good about it! Youth told at Patriotism launch

Pristine Tours Ltd Managing Director Isa Kato urged Ugandans to speak well about their country (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Operation Wealth Creation Chief Coordinator Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh says only patriotism can help Uganda to transform into after sought middle income status and beyond —tasking the young people to lead this drive.

Gen. Saleh speaking at the launch of Patriotism Club 256 held at Kampala Serena Conference Center in a message delivered by veterna journalist Andrew Mwenda said that Uganda as a country cannot rely on foreign investors to be a vehicle for the transformation of the society from low value to high value products.

Gen. Saleh said that Uganda will need the spirit of patriotism than ever before to own the country’s economy and insisting that “only themselves will transform this country not foreigners”.

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda who Gen Salim Saleh (PHOTO /Courtesy).

“Only Uganda will transform this country, foreigners will not, unless a country is patriotic, it cannot develop,” Gen Saleh said.

“Development is the long term process of growth, no country can develop unless its economy is growing and no country can sustain economic growth unless it undergoes technological change,” he said.

“If all of you young people of want to develop your self, please utilize existing government programmes like Emyooga, the youth fund, Women’s Empowerment Fund and all of the other funds the government of Uganda has initiated to create cooperatives, to create companies and access money as seed capital, big businesses”.

Assistant Inspector of Police and Police’s Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye whose message was delivered by ACP Hillary Kuraigye, noted that a country will develop if the citizens are patriotic.

“If those in the informal sector and those in the formal sector were patriotic, and doing the right things, this country would be far in terms of development. Look at the money we lose in corruption, if you are patriotic, do you think you can steal government money,” he asked.

Pristine Tours Ltd  Managing Director Isa Kato has called upon Ugandans to speak well about the country, stressing that speaking ill about the nation does not improve it in anyway.

“Uganda is our country and we must talk good about it, besides we do not have any other country. We need to Market our country, talk about the good weather for instance, the beauty of the country, her wildlife and most importantly, the stability,” Mr. Isa said.

“Talking ill about Uganda does not improve the country because no one will develop Uganda other than Ugandans, so let us talk business, let us invest in Uganda,”he added.

Patriotism Club acting chairperson Paul Taremwa (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Paul Taremwa, the acting chairperson of the Patriotism club, said as a group, they want to make Uganda a better place to live where young people achieve positions of power, exist and support all Ugandans.

He outlined the club’s roadmap listing a number of priorities including mass sensitization on Covid-19 vaccination programs to ensure most of the population is vaccinated to allow the economy to blossom.

“We shall focus on sensitization on combating GBV that has been hindering human rights of women and children especially during this Covid-19 period, Plant a tree and environment conservation campaign to combat the pressing issue of climate change in Uganda and the world, and run sensitizations drives through all mediums to completely eradicate the problem of corruption in all sectors in our nation,” Taremwa said.

President Yoweri Museveni in 2009 launched a national strategic program to inculcate the norms and values of patriotism in all students in secondary schools and the youth of Uganda subsquently known as the National Patriotic Program.

The NPP directorate regularly monitors inspects, evaluates and advises the President and Cabinet on the performance of the economy with respect to implementation of economic Policies, Projects and Programs to ensure that appropriate measures are taken geared towards programme efficiency, effectiveness, economic value for money and overall economic growth and development.

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