Uganda Radio Network suspends operations over lack of resources

Uganda Radio Network to suspend operations over lack of funding (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Uganda Radio Network (URN) is set to suspend operations starting April 4— citing lack of funding.

URN, a news agency that supplies news articles and programs to over 80 radio stations and other media platforms in Uganda has been the country’s oldest web-based news agency.

URN has been providing news for many media in Uganda including, The Daily Monitor newspaper, The Red Pepper Publications, Capital FM, CBS, Open Gate Radio, Radio Pacis, Voice of Kigezi, UBC Radio among others since it went online in 2005.

But its troubles worsened when President Museveni ordered the suspension of a multimillion-dollar fund backed by European nations that supports the work of local groups focusing on democracy and good governance and the media.

In an internal memo, the workers were told that the contract with DGF ends this month, and with the latter’s operations halted and licence cancelled by Government, there is no hope for funding to keep operations running.

“Therefore, even if there was a possibility of an extension of our contract with them, the current situation closed that path and left us no options.

“Consequently, starting April 2021, I regret to inform you that there will be no funding for salary and operating funds,” the memo reads.

“Management is trying hard to work out other options to keep the organization open but there is currently no direct fund to sustain operations and bridge the gap left by DGF. We therefore ask you for your understanding in what obviously is going to be a trying moment for all of us.”

URN’s productions include current news reports, features, magazine programs and exclusive interviews, presented for consumption by the media and other news users.

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