Uganda set to host the 2nd Food Security Symposium and Expo

As one of the means of addressing problems resulting from climate change various stakeholders have organized the 2nd East Africa Food security symposium and Expo with a view of raising awareness among people on how human activities have destroyed the environment thus causing a threat to Agriculture.

Some of the stakeholders that participated in the press briefing on Friday. (Courtesy photo)

This symposium which has been organized under a theme “Responding to Climate Change impacts on food security within the East African Region” will be held from 19th to 21st October at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Nakawa Campus.

Eng Stephen Lwalanda , a food security expert on addressing the press at MUBS Nakawa on Friday, pointed out that man through his various activities has done a lot to make the earth uncomfortable place for other living creatures.

“In agriculture we use dangerous chemicals in spraying pests and diseases. We end up eating these contaminated foods i.e. Vegetables and fruits which has led to an increase in intestinal cancers as well as other stomach complications.”

He further urged all Ugandans to join hands together in environmental restoration because once this is not done early enough, we may end up without food in future due to un draught.

Minister Mariam Mayanja Nkalubo , behalf of the Buganda Kingdom, expressed commitment to continue working with partners to address the issue of climate change.

“Our community mobilization programs like ‘Bulungi bwansi’ have been tested through centuries and have been found to be effective because it has encouraged many people to participate in environmental protection activities. We therefore call upon all people to join us in the normal cause of addressing climate change ensuring food security.”

Maria Nantongo , Director of Climate Finance and Sustainability Center MUBS, on representing Prof Moses Muhwezi , Principal MUBS , welcomed the decision of making them the host of this expo as he promised to provide all the necessary support to the organizers to ensure that the event turns out successfully.

“We need to start training business leaders, managers , Administrators who understand issue of sustainability..”

Dr. Tom Okurut , Executive Director Climate Change Action East Africa (CCAEA) revealed that the symposium will be of great importance to participants like networking , building new markets for their products, learning about new climate relevant technologies and accessing a bigger communication platform.

“Collective action from individuals, community , national and international actor is what is required to respond to this existential threat of climate change. If the current trends are not prepared for or responded adequately as advised, scientists , the heat waves, floods and abnormal weather events shall certainly disrupt or collapse food systems and our survival on earth will be threatened.”

The partners for this year’s expo and symposium include: The Climate Action Network (CAN-U), Crown Beverages, International University of East Africa, Caritas , Oxfam among others

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