Uganda to reopen schools in stages, says Education Minister Janet Museveni

Education Minister Janet Museveni has said government is considering a phased reopening of schools (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Uganda will reopen education institutions in a phased manner, Education Minister Janet Museveni has said as the country enters recovery mode after a two months of strict curbs on movement and businesses to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Releasing the 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education examination results at State House Nakasero on Friday afternoon, the Education Minister said the government is considering a sequence of re-opening but also trying everything humanly possible to find the vaccines required for all the learners.

However, Mrs. Janet Museveni who is also the First Lady said a presidential address tonight will inform what her ministry will do, going forward.

“….the re-opening of education institutions is constantly in discussions as government but we try as much as possible to include in all our concerns, what will ensure learning for all and also good health for all in this very difficult season of the COVID-19 Pandemic” the Minister said.

‘We have not forgotten that when the President announced this second lockdown, there had really been an outcry in the country that Government announces a lockdown because of the many sick students in schools and also the deaths in the country. Therefore, now that the lockdown has provided some calm in the country with a reduction in numbers of the sick in health centres, people have started calling for re-opening of schools, which we all want”.

“Therefore, what I want to ask you all my listeners is to trust your government and know that we are trying to do everything humanly possible to protect our people from this enemy of COVID-19. Where we fail, it is not because we have not tried or because we do not care”.

She commended the parents, guardians, and teachers among others who made it possible despite the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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