Uganda unveils own social media platform dubbed ‘MyLYK’

Ugandan developers have unveiled a home-grown social media platforms to rival foreign owned platforms (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA —Uganda has unveiled its own social media platform to rival foreign owned Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

The move by the Ugandan developers who have a government backup comes after President Museveni accused Facebook of deleting posts and user accounts ahead of 2021 January General elections.

In January, days before national elections, Facebook said it had removed a network of fake accounts in the country of 44 million that sought to unfairly influence the January polls.

Facebook said the fake accounts were linked to individuals associated with the Ugandan government.

Mr. Justus Mugisha (Middle) one of the lead innovators speaks to journalists (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Unveiling the social media platform, dubbed MyLYK, Mr. Andrew Aja Baryayanga its Management Director said the platform is designed to connect people and communities, past, present and future.

“We create and archive memories while providing a platform to everyone all over the world to connect and create meaningful friendships, relations, beneficial associations and legacies of people in their communities as well as preserving languages, history and heritage as a resource for posterity,” Mr Baryayanga said.

He also said the app seeks to bring the digital era closer to the grass root people and communities, especially for Uganda and Africa where the digital penetration is still at the lowest levels.

Accessing MYLYK

MyLYK, can be accessed through the Google PlayStore on Android and Apple AppStore on the iPhone.

Brian Acaye, one of the lead developers says non smartphone users are able to access MyLYK through its official website at

“One can also acquire the App through directly scanning a QR Code which shall in turn direct them to the respective application store of their device,” he says.

Mr. Acaye says current MyLYK users are also able to share and invite their friends and family to connect on the platform.

App Features:

MyLYK includes features such as posting, communities, pages, marketplace, jobs, blogs, etc.

Users are able to post different kinds of fun media including texts, images, videos, links, stickers, hashtags amon others.

Developers say, users are also able to interact with each other and communities through real-time chats, voice and videos calls.

How to get started

Mr. Acaye says a user simply needs to create an account by entering their username, email account and password to join the platform.

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