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Uganda Wildlife Authority cuts cost of Chimpanzee trekking permits to boost Tourism

Uganda Wildlife Authority cuts fees for Chimpanzee trekking (PHOTO/Courtesy)

The Ugandan Wildlife Authority has reduced the cost of Chimpanzee tracking fees for overseas visitors from USD200 to $150.

The current chimpanzee tracking fees East African Community permit has been reduced from UGX150,000 to UGX100,000 while Foreign Resident permits reduced from USD 150 to USD 100.

The discount on all tracking permits applies to new purchases for Chimpanzee tracking up effective May 3.

All Uganda National park entrance fees have been cut making it very affordable for international tourists as well as locals to visit and explore Uganda within the offered period

How to plan for trekking in Uganda during covid-19


Entering different destinations has become a long tiresome process of quarantines and testing for covid-19 before being allowed to enter the different countries across the world.

Each country comes with its own restrictions and rules set to protect the traveler and the locals of the country so as to prevent the spread of the pandemic from person to person.

The Ugandan government has made it easy for visitors entering Uganda with the following rules set in place.

Travelers are exempted from quarantine if they arrive in Uganda with a negative 72-hour PCR covid-19 test, with a normal body temperature not above 37.5° C (99.5°F), without flu symptoms, persistent cough or difficulty in breathing and any other symptoms associated to covid-19.

Sanitizers and face masks

It’s a strict requirement all around Uganda to have a several face masks and sanitizer as a measure to keep clean and safe from covid-19.

Even when Chimpanzee or Gorilla trekking, it’s a requirement to have a mask at all time to protect your self from any infections and to protect the gorillas from any infections from tourists. As the precaution, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has provided sanitizers and face masks at Bwindi national park and Mgahinga for visitors who may show up without those requirements as well as temperature measuring kits to make sure the gorillas are kept safe.

Chimpanzee/ Gorilla Trekking Essentials

You must show up with your passport for registration at the park offices, other than leaving it at your hotel room and obviously carry your gorilla permits

Good hiking shoes is a must have for your Uganda Chimpanzee/ Gorilla tour in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park. The paths get very muddy and slippery especially in the rainy seasons. The park offices normally have some shoes available for hire in different sizes if you forget to carry your shoes.

A walking pole or stick is very supportive during your hike through the impenetrable forests most especially in the rainy seasons. As you hike though the forest, the pole helps with your stability and saves you from falling on the ground. Poles are available at all park offices for all tourists and also available at souvenir shops if you keep to keep one for memory

Dressing the right colors is essential for gorilla trekking in Uganda. Dull colors are advised best rather than bright colors as gorillas are wild animals and can easily alert the gorillas as danger.

You will require to wear cotton clothes which are long sleeved shirt and pants to protect you from piercing nettles which are all over the impenetrable forests.

Rain Gear is essential as you plan for your gorilla tour in Uganda. The forests have unpredictable weather and it can rain any time of the year regardless of seasons. You are advised to pack a rain jacket, water proof shoes and a water proof day pack storing your valuables.

A day snack and water is essential to carry during your trekking adventure. You don’t know what time you will be coming out of the forest because the actual gorilla’s location isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes it’s a short trek while other times the gorillas keep moving as you follow their direction to finally find them settled.

Insect repellent is also very essential as you plan for your gorilla safari. The impenetrable forest is home to a lot of insects and spraying your self protects your skin from a lot of damage.

You need thick stocking to protect your legs from nettles as well as gloves to protect your hands in case you need to grab a tree or branch during your trek to the gorillas.

When is the best time to travel for gorilla trekking in Uganda

The most preferred time to visit gorillas in Africa is during the dry season when the forests is slippery and less chances of rain during your gorilla trekking experience. The dry months run from December – Early April and June to October and the rain season is normally short from April and May and November as the year ends.

The dry season doesn’t guarantee no rains completely since the tropical rain forests are known to receive rains all year round hence essential packing is very important to note so that your ready incase the rains finds you with the gorillas in the forest. A rain jacket, water proof shoes, backpack to protect the items in your bag.

Other Vaccinations and Visas to Uganda

Important Vaccinations you require as you travel to Uganda is the yellow fever vaccination card which all tourists must have as well as the 24hr Covid-19 test which is mandatory for all countries worldwide of recent.

Its also advisable to medicate oneself for malaria prior to your Uganda safari as mosquitoes are common in the national parks you will be visiting for your adventure holiday.

You can ably acquire a Uganda tourist’s visa that costs $50 on arrival at Entebbe airport with prior visa applications. If you prefer to apply prior to arrival, check out the Uganda visa link for easy visa application .

If you plan for visit East Africa, it’s cheaper to apply for a single East African visa at $100 per person which can be acquired in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya with prior application before arrival depending on the airport country your will first be arriving.

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