Ugandan journalist arrested for staying in same hotel with Afghan refugees

Ugandan National and Senior journalist working with DPA German press agency, Waswa Henry was arrested from Imperial resort hotel on Thursday (PHOTO /NTV Uganda)

KAMPALA — A Ugandan National and Senior journalist working with DPA German press agency, Waswa Henry has become the first person to be arrested for accessing Imperial resort hotel.

Authorities claim Waswa had secured residence in the hotel with an intention to fetch a story from the newly admitted Afghan refugees.

He is currently detained at Entebbe police stations on charges of criminal trespass.

His arrest comes after president Kaguta Museveni last week decreed that no Ugandan media house or cabinet minister should disclose information related to the Afghan refugees citing security concerns.

Museveni in a cabinet meeting nearly sacked his state minister for foreign affairs John Mulimba whom he accused of addressing media on the Afghan matter.

A top official said the US government asked Ugandan administration to keep the identities of the refugees confidential as some are ex-ministers and government officials in the toppled Afghan government.

Washington says the Taliban have the capacity to trail their targets even in nations where they are granted asylum.

Ugandans react

A section of Ugandans have taken to social media to condemn government for detaining the journalist whom they stress had gone to do his work.
“What is the government hiding from us?
According to to me a refugee is that one looking for asylum meaning every information about them must be known for better security of the country and its people. And now museveni is intimidating us not to link information because of his own benefits no wonder he arrests people over Afghan. Please sir this is our country every one is responsible,” one user opined.

“What’s is behind the importation of Afghans to Uganda that can cause the arrest of a journalist who is on duty? Could it be confidential matters,” another added.

“Foreigners are more protected than the natives, Masaka people are killed like festive chickens no security commanders care,” argues another user.

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