Ugandans in the USA reject Museveni envoy, leave him and ambassador in cold


Ugandans in the United States of America and North America have completely rejected, Abbey Walusimbi, an envoy from President Museveni who had set conduct a tour of countries abroad aimed at attracting investors, and meeting Ugandan Communities.

Walusimbi who maintains is a Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs met President Museveni recently and he allegedly endorsed a tour of countries abroad and meeting Ugandan communities.

To kickstart the tour, Walusimbi said he had been directed to work with Uganda’s Ambassador to the USA, Mul Katende whom he successfully obtained on his side.

However, the two found resistance from Ugandans in the USA who claimed they would not accept any such meetings from an unofficial ambassador in the name of Walusimbi.

They cast doubt on Walusimbi’s credentials citing his formerly known shoddy character.

Speaking to Nile Post, a Ugandan in Diaspora who preferred anonymity said they would not be part of a scam being promoted by Walusimbi and colleagues in Kampala with the help of Uganda’s embassy.

“Walusimbi was a resident in California and he was involved in defrauding people through VISA support. He has never been an ambassador and we are not aware or even interested in such a tour,” the source said while flashing evidence of a Daily Monitor Newspaper prints out about Walusimbi’s shoddy deals in the late 90s.

“President Museveni should be aware that Ugandans in the USA are very organized and have community leaders, we also have an umbrella association dubbed UNAA and therefore it does not make sense that from nowhere we are being sent a man like Walusimbi claiming to be an ambassador!” the source added.

Walusimbi’s trouble started when the president of Ugandans in the USA Henrietta Wamala disowned the program, leaving him and Ambassador Katende in the complete cold.

“We would like to clarify that the Ugandan North America Association is NOT hosting or responsible for any such tour and UNAA has not officially been written to or asked in its capacity to be part of the tour and we are not responsible for any business that is carried out otherwise,” Wamala noted in her official statement dated February 4th, 2021.

Walusimbi while starting his tour to the USA indicated that he would visit states of; Chicago, California, Washington D.C, Minnesota amongst others. The tour has however stalled since.

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