UK Development Partners Express interest in Boosting Uganda’s Sports Sector

Delegation of UK investors led by Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi meeting Sports Minister

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs Amb. Abbey Walusimbi has led a delegation of development partners from Xanda Ltd to meet the State Minister for Sports Hanson Denis Obua

Xanda is a London based leading Digital media agency that is in the country to explore a number of business and investment opportunities.

During the meeting, the head of the delegation and Xanda Ltd director, Marcus Constantine, informed the minister of the intention to explore and shine light on the untapped football talent in Uganda while sharing technical expertise from sporting giants in the UK with both the football players and referees.

“We are looking forward to forming lasting relationship with Uganda through skill and philosophy sharing in the soccer field. When I return home, I will share with my colleagues and in line the wonderful opportunities we see in developing football here in Uganda” Marcus said.

Amb. Walusimbi informed the delegation about how much sports has unified Ugandans.

“We cannot underestimate the power of sports as this the only thing that surpasses emotions at all levels and brings people together while promoting better health for both the players and their fans. I have seen young people work out so hard and adjust their diets trying to emulate their sports stars which expression of love is beyond description,” Walusimbi said.

He added that Uganda’s virgin sports talents can never be fully exploited without partnerships with clubs that have shaped the love for sports amongst the young generation.

He added that, “Uganda being the pearl of Africa, she is favored by the climate and weather which allows our soils to be rich in multiple minerals which when fed on, gives our children a unique physical and emotional capacity that just needs nurturing in order to break world sporting records.”

Honorable Obua informed the delegation about the Kiprotich National High Altitude Training Center located on a 2600m altitude with amazing views which will be used by not only athletes but also caters for other games like Basketball and Soccer.

“Once the first phase is completed which is going to be very soon, we will open up to the world, therefore I implore you to spread the word about this very unique center when you go home so that also your people can benefit from it,” Obua said.

Obua said that the facility will be used mostly for conditioning the footballers and all sports men who use it to be able to compete on the world market.

He further requested that the guests utilize their contacts to secure meaningful investments in the sports infrastructure of Uganda which is not doing well quoting Mandela National stadium’s failure to meet minimum requirements for CAF.

The Minister promised that he will relay the proceedings of the meeting to his senior Hon Janet Kataaha Museveni for further scrutiny, and once they are given a green light, they will reach the group through their contact person Amb. Abbey Walusimbi.

Ambassador Walusimbi noted that the coming of the delegation is one of the fruits of the efforts by him and Isaac Kigozi the Head of the Trade and investment office of the Presportfolio in his office while at the Dubai Expo 2020 where they met them.

He appreciated the group for not being hesitant but acting first on their promise to come to Uganda and that he trusts they will fulfill all the other promises made during this trip.

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