UNEB releases timetable for S.4 exams 2020

UNEB adjust examinations timetables

Uganda National Examination Board Executive Secretary Don Odong (COURTESY PHOTO)

KAMPALA —The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released the 2020 tentative timetable for the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams.

According to the timetable, UCE students will start their examinations on February 26, with the briefing of candidates across the country.

The students will sit for their first paper, Physics (Practical) and Fine Art Still life/ Nature, on March 1.

UCE exams will run till Thursday April 1 with candidates expected to sit for Technical Drawings, PS Mechanical practice, IPS Building practice and IPS Electrical Practice as their final papers.

They were released by the Uneb executive secretary, Mr Dan Odongo and posted on the board’s website.

“Candidates’ attention is drawn against malpractice in or around the examination room at the end of this document. It is hereby assumed that candidates and all concerned have read, understood and will abide by these regulations,” the guidelines appended to the timetables said.

“The chief invigilator must begin the morning session at 9.00am and the afternoon session at 2.00pm. Any deviation from the set time must be explained to the board in writing. Candidates with special needs will be allowed 45 extra minutes,” the guidelines further state.

Like usually, students have been directed to ease themselves before entering the examination room and no candidate will be allowed to leave the rooms before the end of the examination time.

“Be at the examination hall at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination ready to be identified and checked. Any candidate who comes more than 15 minutes late from the start of an examination will not be allowed to sit the examination”, the guidelines required.

All students will have to present themselves at the entrance to the examination hall for checking by the
The Uneb is the national assessment body in Uganda.

The Secretariat is headed by the executive secretary, who is the chief executive head and the accounting officer of the board.

Uneb as a public organisation always welcomes members of the public and the various stakeholders to maintain fair assessment in a bid to produce valid reliable results.

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