United Nations to receive Bobi Wine petition about ongoing kidnaps and violation of human rights in Uganda tomorrow

Bobi Wine said he is petitioning UN over human rights violation in Uganda (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Bobi Wine the leader of National Unity Platform Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, is petitioning the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights over the continued abduction (illegal arrest) and torture of his supporters.

Speaking to reporters at his party’s headquarters in Kampala following the withdrawal of police who had locked out -NUP personnel and supporters since last year, Mr. Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi said he will Wednesday present a petition to the United Nations (UN) at their office in Kampala about the ongoing “kidnaps and violation of human rights by the regime.”

He said he cannot keep looking on and do nothing as the security forces are going rogue, arresting people whose only crime is to support him.

Mr. Wine added that Uganda being a member of the international community, it has obligations that it must fulfill.

President Museveni admitted that there are some Ugandans who have been arrested by security forces for allegedly engaging in activities that threaten the stability of the state.

He directed the security services to publicize the names of all persons in their custody so that their relatives know their whereabouts but senior police officers declined to reveal the names of those in their custody.

Several Ugandans and the international community have protested the gross human rights violations in Uganda characterized by unlawful detention without trial, abductions, and kidnaps that have seen thousands of opposition supporters in Buganda victims of the same.

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