UPDF chief who battered Tamale Mirundi son in hiding as controversial analyst purchases new Machete


Tamale Mirundi has purchased a Machete to slit head of errant military commander who battered his son (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Former senior presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has yet again returned with more vigour as he presses for justice of his son who a week back was brutally clobbered by the military police personnel.

Mirundi who appeared Tuesday morning on the STV airwaves had a brand new machette at his disposal which he vowed to use to slit the throat of the military commander named Yiga who battered his son.

Mirundi says he will accomplish this in 14 days without rest until he brings to book the goon who tried to kill his son Tamale Mirundi Jr.

“My son will not be able to speak for the next six months. Please help, as I also use my intelligence machines to track down that man. Please look for that man, most of the time he is in lodges. Whoever beat my son , must suffer. Please help me, I’m an old man of 60 years, I have never knelt to ask for anything but this time round I have done so. Please look for that man who beat up my son and deal with him.”

Mirundi Jr was attacked by unknown individuals last week who beat him to the pulp. He is currently nursing wounds as his father claims that his jaw was broken, feeding through percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes and will not be able to talk for the next six months.

“I will not bathe, trim my hair , have sex or do anything for 14 days before I capture the man Yiga who tried to kill my son,” said Mirundi. He continues to implicate the former CMI commander Abel Kandiho whom he says directed a military personnel known as Yiga to clobber his son. Mirundi cries out to the public to hunt for Yiga whom he says resides in Mityana district.

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