UPDF passes out 81 military propaganda experts

Army spokesperson, Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso (PHOTO/Courtesy).

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces- UPDF 5th Infantry Division has passed out a total of 81 graduates at its Tactical Headquarters in Ruhengere in Mbarara District in Western Uganda.

The graduates who were drawn from the Fifth Infantry Division underwent 24 weeks of training on military communication while using Very high frequency [VHF], high frequency [HF] Radios, and computers.

The training also covered voice procedure, communication security, message center working, Antennae theory, electricity, and radio frequency communications.

Fifth Infantry Division Commander, Brigadier William Bainomugisha who presided over the ceremony lauded the Chieftaincy of Communications and Chieftaincy of Training and Recruitment for supporting the course.

Brigadier Bainomugisha advised the graduates to exercise sobriety and discipline while on duty to avoid a breach of secrecy by an enemy radio interceptor in all Military communications.

“Communication security is the first principle you must adhere to,” Brig Bainomugisha told the graduates.

He also cautioned them on proper handling of their communication gadgets especially radios during the rainy seasons which can attract lightning.

“Radio frequencies are very powerful in that they can attract lightening through the radio electrons,” he said. “Lightening can cause shock and death to personnel and destruction of equipment. It’s your duty to keep safe and to maintain the gadgets.”

Maj. Bernard Tonny Okol, the Commanding Officer of communications and information technology regiment based in 5th Infantry Division, Tactical headquarters says the entire course was supervised, examined, and certified by the Chieftaincy of Training and Recruitment.

Maj Okol says the UPDF has vested trust upon the graduates and reminded them that they are only a medium of communication who shouldn’t abuse the principles and the discipline involved while executing their duties as communication experts.”

According to the Fifth Infantry Division spokesman, Lt Ahmad Hassan Kato, the course was conducted based on the changing technology in military radio communication and information security.

“The course is part of UPDF capacity building for the radio operators owing to the changing rate of technological advancement in military radio communication and information security” Says Lt Kato.

The radio signalers according to Lt Kato will be posted to different CIT units within the 5th Infantry division.

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