US warns Uganda on detention of American citizen linked to Bobi Wine

US warns Uganda on detention of American citizen linked to Bobi Wine

Washington has warned the Kampala administration that the prolonged detention of US citizen, Gael Milton Smith might affect the bilateral ties of the two countries.

Gael Milton Smith, an American citizen was brutally arrested in Western Uganda in the city of Fort Portal after Ugandan authorities claimed he was colluding with the opposition former presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine to initiate subversion in the country spheres.

Milton was spotted by the cyber crimes unit of the Uganda Police Force which analysed his social media posts and ruled that he was a sympathiser of the government’s major challenger, Mr. Wine.

Washington, however, says that the arbitrary detention of its citizen is a sign of ‘provocation’ from the Ugandan government and warns that this could complicate their working relations.

Embassy officials had earlier flanked the Standard Investigations Unit headquarters in Kireka to negotiate for the release of their citizen that has become one of the latest by security agencies who say they are cracking down on subversive crimes in the country.

In a statement posted on Twitter by the Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, a team from Special Investigations Division in Kireka arrested Smith on “March 21” for his alleged involvement in anti-government subversive activities.

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