UTB launches Aloesha Organic Eco-tourism Centre

UTB launches Aloesha Organic Eco-tourism Centre

Aloesha Organic Managing Director, Don Patrick Bugingo

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has joined Aloesha Organic a company that deals in research and growing herbal medicine plant to launch an Eco-tourism centre as a way of promoting domestic tourism.

The Eco-tourism Centre that was launched over the weekend is located in Kibisi-Nganjo village in Kalule-Bombo, Luweero district with over 500 medicinal tree species.

Speaking during the launch, Aloesha Organic Managing Director, Don Patrick Bugingo said that the idea of setting up the Eco-tourism centre is to promote protection and preservation of nature as well as promoting domestic tourism.

Bugingo noted that the Eco-tourism Centre is a place of diversity with medicinal values as well as a cool environment that allows one to interact with nature.

Sophie Balijuka Kayongo the UTB Product Development and Investment Officer appreciated the Aloesha Eco-tourism center as a new product that will enhance domestic tourism in the country.

“The Aloesha Eco-tourism Centre is timely as we kick up our new campaign dubbed Explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa which is aimed at promoting Uganda as a tourism destination and we are to offer all our support to ensure that it meets all the local and international standards as a tourism centre,” Balijuka said.

Balijuka said that following the reopening of the economy, travelers are willing to travel looking for products promoting environmental protection.UTB launches Aloesha Organic Eco-tourism Centre

“At Aloesha Eco-tourism centre, travelers will have a chance to explore the healing opportunities that come from the variety of medicinal trees as well as reconnecting with nature,” Balijuka added.

During the same event, a total of 20 students graduated from Aloesha Organic Training Institute as the first cohort.

Bugingo noted that the institute was established in 2018 as a specialized herbal health institute of higher learning that focuses much on the intensive preparation and equipment of the youth, practitioners, PWDs with practical skills in the field of herbal medicine and related disciplines.

“We are recognized, licensed, and supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) as an integrated skilling institute for formal and non-formal students,” Bugingo said.

He added that “We train herbalists to get certification and acquire documents at the institute, the course takes 2 years. The trends have changed to herbal medicine and through training, we can preserve this intangible and tangible heritage, this is a way of transferring knowledge to the next young generation.”

During the launch, Education expert, Fagil Mande appreciated Aloesha Organic for establishing a strong institution that has trained and equipped a number of Ugandans with skills of making herbal medicine.

“We are here to train students to learn the different herbs that can be used for medicine, make the medicine, and how to administer the medicine to the patients; we are promoting natural medicine naturally grown by Ugandans,” Mande said.

Some of the graduands



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