Vice President advises newlyweds to stick to prayers

Vice President Alupo has advised newlyweds to stick to prayers

KAMPALA — PRAYERS, and seeking counsel from elders are fundamental pillars that newlyweds need to embrace, to strengthen their marriages, the Vice President Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo has advised all newlyweds.

In her speech, during the wedding ceremony for Maj. Gen. Henry Masiko and Princess Kabakumba’s daughter to the son of the former Deputy Clerk to Parliament, Chris Kaija, and his wife Catherine; the Vice President advised the newlyweds, “You need to follow the guidance of your parents and always physically come to church.”

VP Alupo

“Prayers are strong in making that all marriages grow strong. You also need to always physically come to Church, together. I know that you will read the word of God and you will be praying. But you also have to physically come to church, to get the blessing and special guidance and prayers from the Church leaders. This will strengthen your marriage,” she noted.

Maj. Gen. Henry Masiko is the Uganda People Defence Force’s Chief Political Commissar and his wife Princess Kabakumba, is a former minister in the National Resistance Movement Government. Their daughter, Angel Kebirungi Masiko got married to Samson Murungi from the Kaija family.

The wedding ceremony was held at All Saints Cathedral in Kampala, on Saturday evening, and was officiated by Rev. Onesimus Asimwe, the Chaplain of St. Francis Chapel in Makerere University.

The Vice President also applauded the two families, for setting a good legacy for their children, through their good service to the country, but also being God-fearing families.

“Thank you for serving this country well, and I know that you have raised great children, who will bring honour to you too; but also serve this country well,” the Vice President added. “You are lucky and we thank God for it, that you all know, the kind of family where each of you has sent their child. Both your families ate good families, which fear God and are hardworking. Many a time, children get married to families, in which the parents have no knowledge of.”

She also thanked Maj. Gen. Masiko for taking good care of his parents; who were also present, at the wedding ceremony. Masiko’s father is in his 90s.

Meanwhile, Rev. Onesimus, in his sermon, asked the couple to always be submissive to one another, to love Jesus, and to always stay strong in loving one another; as the main pillars of their marriage. “This should always be a Christ-centered marriage, grounded in love and respect for one another. These are the pillar which keeps all marriages strong,” he advised.


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