VIDEO: Bobi Wine explains decision to fly his children out ahead of elections


Bobi Wine explains decision to fly his family out (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — National Unity Platform presidential candidate Bobi Wine has explained his decision fly his children out of the country days to the general elections.

Bobi Wine his name is real is Robert Kyagulanyi says he made the decision after he got credible information that his children were in grave danger.

“You have seen this that for months, I, together with the people around me as well as my family have been placed in great danger by the regime,” he said adding that: “You remember during the Togikwatako (Presidential Age Limit) debate, a bomb was thrown into the room of my son. They wanted to kill him.”

Bobi Wine who is campaigning in Namayingo says that he recently received information that state operatives planned to abduct his family members and use them as a bargaining chip to get him to give up on the presidential race.

He also claims that some unknown people have been trailing the children for weeks.

“I am told that they wanted to grab one or two of my children, put a gun on their heads and get me to say things that I don’t believe in,” Bobi Wine said.

“Recently some vehicles have been following my wife and children around. I have even been forced to change their schools.”

Bobi Wine says he debated the decision with his colleagues in the National Unity Platform who convinced him to evacuate the children, “so us not to give Museveni a chance to harm them.”

The kids he said, will be staying with his friends in the diaspora who offered to take them in.

“My children are not voters; they are all underage. I have decided to get them out of harm’s way; I don’t want to put them through what I am facing. Let they go away, I and my wife will stay and fight,” Bobi Wine said.

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