VIDEO: Justice Esther Kisakye accuses CJ Owiny-Dollo of confiscating her file in Bobi Wine case!

Justice Esther Kisakye, a supreme court judge and member of the bench hearing the election petition has accused the Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo of confiscating her file with a minority ruling.

Public address system and power have been switched off as dissenting justice Esther Kisakye delivered a  bombshell that CJ Owiny-Dollo confiscated her minority ruling in the Robert Kyagulanyi election petition.

The other 8 judges have walked out on her


“I’m here today to give my ruling in the recently withdrawn presidential petition… what is of surprise to me is that my file has apparently been confiscated on the orders of the chief justice” Justice Esther Kisakye of the Supreme Court on her minority ruling

“CJ has chosen to use barbaric means and use his powers in the manner he choose.

“Their dissent is that I declined to circulate my ruling among other justices yet there’s no law that binds me to do so.

“They wanted to vet my ruling before I presented it. I thought it my duty to disobey the orders of the CJ.

“The CJ also ordered that microphones be switched off and that the tent be closed. I was ready to read my ruling under a tree.

‘When I was appointed a judge of this court in 2009, I took a judicial Oath and swore to protect the constitution of Uganda. CJ’s order to read my ruling at a later date is unconstitutional and that’s why I disobeyed it.’

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