Voters are tired of you, stuck NRM mobiliser writes to Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni is seeking a sixth term in office (PHOTO/PPU)

KAMPALA — Greetings I thank you for the tireless work you do for our party and country in general.

I will start by apologizing for jumping the queue—by writing to you direct without going through lower offices. This is an issue of urgency which equally concerns us all whatever the rank.

I’m writing this letter to share with you the experiences we go through as we interact with voters in these particular campaigns which I’m sure people near you deliberately refuse to tell you.

My names are Lugayizi Roland, the NRM chairman for Butulume parish, Bubeke sub-county Kalangala district. I’m a known dedicated NRM mobiliser now for the past 25 years highlighting our achievements and sternly defending our party position against opposition hooligans.

Your Excellency, as a loyal political “carder” I used Siasa, it won us the 1996, 2001 and 2006 elections. In 2011 and 2016 I deployed the Scare tactic it worked. Currently all those tactics can’t work as people are so so awake, I’m not giving up but I’m reporting that this 2021 I’m stuck!

We gave up on explaining our campaign slogan “Securing your future” because whenever we talked about it they all say you don’t “even qualify to be entrusted with just “Securing” their “Evening” or a single night!”.

I tried to align promises to them to give them some hope, but they always came up with a longer list of unfulfilled promises by you!

It’s amidst such a dilemma that me a staunch NRM who believes in ideology have chosen to write directly to you to seek guidance on how to handle different questions and situations.

As loyal cadres on 23rd December 2020 we conducted a sub county mobilisers (The NRM 30 per village) meeting for Namisoke, Bubeke, Lwazi, Buyange, Nkese and Lujjaabwa islands to kick start the 4 get 4 campaign strategy. What I witnessed form the basis of this letter

All the 30 people just came to the meeting to pick the facilitation money and use it to “demoralize 4 other NRMs” and or campaign for Kyagulanyi! Each member vowed never to ever campaign for NRM and gave a terrible experience h/she went through differently at the hands of the regime they served with dedication. You have a team on paper to pick money whenever sent but none on ground courageous enough to defend the NRM accumulated evils per now.

Your Excellency, campaigning for NRM has never made one look a fool like it is this time. Voters tell us things which are so clear as we ourselves are victims of your indiscriminant brutalities to Ugandans!

The yellow T-shirts can nolonger be put on 200metres to or from any NRM function venue. If it’s an indoor function people (even NRM leaders) put them on as they enter and off before even moving out of the hall! It’s shaming nationally we have started seeing ourselves as “useful idiots” serving a party whose goals doesn’t at all involve us.

Your Excellency, I have realized the vicious cycle of atrocities, financial greed, selfishness, nepotism, brutality and land-grabbing in our government has slowly but surely directly or indirectly touched every Ugandan; young or old, educated or illiterate, employed or unemployed, farmer or fisherman, rural or urban, NRM or opposition, Muganda or Munyankore (apart from Rwandese) etc which has demystified all our previous fundamentals. Such suffering has been tested by everyone

Museveni’s soldiers burning fishermen’s fishing gear at Nkese islands 2019
I myself, was forcefully evicted from my homeland Butulume Island in 2016 by UPDF!. Our boats were destroyed, fishing gear burnt, boat engines confiscated and land given to Rwandese settlers who have now turned the entire Butulume island a hub for illegal fishing commanded protected by UPDF. I settled in Lwazi Bubeke but still want keep the struggle.

You have always exposed people you bought into NRM, this has so demoralized the lower carders dedication, love, killed the spirit of patriotism and members pride at lower village councils. Currently none can’t even pin your poster or even allow it pinned at his premise without asking for payment!

Your Excellency after the 2016 elections, you were misguided into concentrating on destroying opposition and totally ignored building and strengthening our party below. This oversight is hitting us hard. Acquiring new members above would be ok but publicly “buying” them (as if NRM is a soccer team) was so detrimental to the party below and above as it portrays us as a bribe party without ideology

The lavish acquisition of Full figure, Bad Black, butcher man, Kusasira, Bebecool, Bajjo along other fading musicians settled you on the quantity side but drastically wrecked us on the quality/integrity side.

Besides killing the spirit of patriotism and justifying Bobi’s candidature, they are a liability who didn’t even attract their own music fans to NRM.

Secondary your plan of demeaning Baganda by portraying such despised people as the best quality of politicians amongst them to serve you was seen through and they are annoyed Banyiivu. They lost trust and respect in you.

Burning fishing nets and boats on lake victoria
It hurts us who have supported NRM for years to see it being defended by abusing, mudslinging and miscalculated personality attacks to a mere 3months old party or its Musician leader barely 3 years in politics instead of ideology or by our 34 years achievements!

To a party old as ours with a leader of your caliber (age and experience) just having to carry out vigorous campaigns when facing a 3months old party is shameful enough but it gets worse when we are pushed onto the defensive—and resorted to abusing, quarrelling, instigating violence and murdering innocent citizens! Why bend this low?

The NRM I support is an ideological founded party that woo wanainchi to our mission through convincing (SIASA) not the current irrational unpatriotic money and violence obsessed rots who believe in buying, bribing, threatening or coercing citizens!

Should we add violence as one of our party’s proposed ways of “securing” Ugandans future?

Mr President it now pinches me that its currently said on all islands that you arrested Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in Kalangala because you feared he would expose your inhumane exploitations here! Such are concerns I have no answer to.

As your dedicated carder at the lake our votes are in answers to these questions. I request for your guidance and a convincing message to give to dissatisfied fellow islanders, Whose friends and relatives have been killed by UPDF on the lake. Whom you have raised taxes on fishing materials. You have lowered fish prices to cut throat through your wife the fish market monopolist. Islanders who have been chased off their home islands, their boats and fishing gear destroyed then Rwandese settlers imported settled all over lake Victoria and do illegal fishing unabated protected by army yet Ugandans are haunted!

I’m still dedicated to carrying your message to fellow fishermen if given as requested above.

For God and my country

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