VP Ruto accused of trying to import ‘NRM election fraud, Museveni tactics’ into Kenya ahead 2020 General polls

The MPs claimed that Ruto is seeking Museveni’s help to employ the tactics his party has used to keep him in power for 35 years (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Kenya Members of Parliament have claimed Deputy President William Ruto is working around the clock to import Uganda’s ruling party —NRM —fraud to Kenya including seeking President Museveni’s help to employ the tactics his party has used to keep him in power for 35 years.

Led by National Assembly Minority leader John Mbadi and Minority chief whip Junet Mohamed, the legislators raised concerns about the DP’s frequent visits to Kampala and his dalliance with Mr. Museveni.

“While we do not wish to interfere with internal political arrangements in other countries, we equally want to state that we do not need to borrow from other countries political habits whose end result can only lead to chaos and backwardness of our country,” Junet said.

The duo addressed a press conference in Parliament Buildings on Wednesday.

On Monday, the country was treated to drama after the authorities at Wilson Airport stopped Ruto from flying to Uganda for private business.

The botched trip came barely a month after the DP was hosted by Museveni in Uganda.

The DP was to be accompanied by businessmen including Turkish national Harun Aydin.

The MPs took issue with the Ruto facilitating people to invest in Uganda instead of wooing investors to Kenya.

“If you are the DP, how do you claim to be taking an investor to another country? That is a clear sign of lack of patriotism,” Mbadi said.

Junet added that the country’s second-in-command is not fit to lead the country because of his temper, lack of ideology and bad history.

“Time and again we have called Ruto out for his anger and bitterness, his lack of respect for rules, laws and procedures,” the Suna East MP said.

He added, “To those still flirting with Ruto, who still think maybe he deserves a chance, this latest revelation should be the sign we were waiting for that we cannot trust Ruto with our young democracy. He will not nurture it.”

Nyeri Town Ngunjiri Wambugu separately said Ruto is out to incite Mt Kenya region against Uhuru.

“He is selling the idea that without him, Uhuru doesn’t know what he is doing. This is why he argues that Kenya was Ok during their first term when he was a ‘substantive DP’,”Ngunjiri stated.

The MP said that Ruto is now openly attacking Uhuru’s policies to portray the President as a man unaware of what he is doing.

“For instance, he said that Uhuru invested Sh4 billion on firearm production rather than using it to employ 5,000 youth,” he stated.

He said Ruto is out to give a false narrative that the Big Four Agenda is dead when a lot is happening in manufacturing, food security, universal healthcare and housing

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