War erupts among security agencies over Bobi Wine’s armoured car

NUP supporters surprised Bobi Wine with a brand new bullet proof car to support the ‘Situlago’ (PHOTO/Courtesy).

A war is brewing among different security agencies as regards with how Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, was given his new SUV armoured vehicle,  UgStandard has learnt.

On Sunday, February 21, 2021, the president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party announced on social media that his supporters had bought for him the vehicle.

“There is group of comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bullet proof vehicle. These comrades informed me of their plan, but I thought it was an uphill task, given how expensive it is. A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle, and here it is. I can’t THANK YOU enough,” Bobi Wine said in a Facebook post.

And now it has emerged this has not gone down well with some elements in the security circles tasked with monitoring the opposition leader. This website has learnt that the security forces are now tracing how the vehicle was bought, shipped and its taxes cleared before it was handed to Bobi Wine.

According to sources, the clearing of such armoured vehicles is a preserve of security, and some elements in the military are now bitter.

This website has further learnt that this may spell trouble for some Uganda Revenue Authority staff who cleared the vehicle.

“Questions are being asked; was the vehicle procured when it was armoured or this was done at a local garage in Kampala? Such move can endanger security,” a source close to the matter told this website.

Asked why armoured vehicles are a preserve of only the security forces and senior government officials, the source said: “Not really; even private individuals can own them but they have to be cleared by security.”

The source could not immediately confirm whether the security was considering impounding the vehicle.

Mr Kyagulanyi’s rise to political stardom has caused eyebrows in government that has since moved to curtail his movements.

His move to acquire a political party from Moses Kibalama came as a surprise in many security circles.

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