Water meter vandals leave Jinja residents baffled

Over 50 water meters have been stolen in Mpumudde-Kimaka Jinja (PHOTO /Courtesy).

JINJA —At least 50 water meters have been vandalized in Mpumudde —Kamaka Jinja District on Saturday night—with both Police and residents pointing fingers at National Water and Sewerage Corporation staff in the area.

The residents say thugs raided the area and took them all in the middle of the night.

Some rental homes in the area are said to have lost up to ten water meters for different tenants during a dark night that followed power cut at around 8:00pm.

It is also reported that all the stolen meter had pipes duly blocked by people believed to NWSC blockers to stop water flowing.

The theft of water meters has also exposed the residents to exploitation because of the bureaucratic process involved to replace the meters.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation charges upto UGX. 101,000 for replacement of each meter.

Sekabira John Fisher, a principal corporate digital strategist at NWSC denied the water body is involved in but said they’re aware of the theft of water meters.

He explained they have been briefed by detectives that the meters are sold to dealers who extract copper material and melt them into door knobs, handrails mong others.

He also said that they are working with Internal Security Organization to arrest the people behind the vandalism.

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