We’re ready to support sporting talent in Igara East – Mugura

Tournament winners Abasingo clan, receive one of the several prizes from Guest of Honour Mr. Dan Mugura Karukiiko, Guest speaker Mr. Johnson Byarabaha and Kyabugimbi Subcounty Chairman Appollo Aryaguma (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KYABUGIMBI —  Young people interested in nurturing their sports talent will be supported and promoted, Mr. Dan Mugura Karukiiko a former contestant for the Igara East MP seat has said.

Mr. Mugura was on Sunday, March 13, officiating at celebrations to mark 25 years of the Beijengye Parish Inter-Clan Championship, at Nyakabanga playground, Kyabugimbi Subcounty, Igara East in Bushenyi district.

Mr Mugura, who delivered several sporting equipment to support different teams in Igara East, including uniforms and football boots indicated that supporting sporting talent was a good way of providing alternative areas of opportunity and employment for the youth.

Equipment for maintaining the playing pitches was donated

“I will, together with my friends continue to support sports activities in Igara and Bushenyi, as a way of promoting sporting and creating opportunities for our young people,” he said.

“This we shall do as long as we live. Sports provides different opportunities for the youth of Uganda,” he said.

The Abasingo clan were crowned champions of the 2021 edition of the Beijengye Clans Tournament and were presented different prizes including, sets of uniform and playing boots for the first team.

All players and captains from the seven participating clans including Abateizi, Abahira, Abeitira, Abasyaba, Abahweju, and Abakimbiri who were presented with playing equipment and other cash prizes.

Guest speaker and player, Mr. Johnson Byarabaha, of Abahweju clan from Kitagata, Sheema commended the organisation of the tournament as a way supporting and nurturing of talent from grassroots.

Mr. Byarabaha, a former member of the FUFA Executive Marketing Committee donated a set of uniforms to the Abahweju clan.

The clans tournament Chairman Councillor John Tumwine received a prize of a smartphone from the Guest of Honour

Several other subcounty teams in Igara East were presented with playing equipment and uniform, including Rwentuha Brotherhood team, Kyabugimbi Town Council team, Ruhumuro subcounty, Kajunju parish, and Nyanga men’s and ladies teams of Kyeigombe parish.

Kyabugimbi Subcounty Chairman Appollo Aryaguma commended the guest of honour Mr. Dan Mugura Karukiiko for consistently supporting sporting and other activities in the area.

The event was graced by thousands of locals and local area leaders including the Mayor for Rwentuha Town council Mr. Naboth Naabasa, the LCIII Chairman for Bumbaire subcounty Mr. Selestino Bagampangire, LCV Councillor for Kyabugimbi, Patience Ashaba, sub country peakers of; Kyeizooba, Mr. Atwiine Emmy, Kyabugimbi Mr. Anatoli Mwebembezi and Kyabugimbi Town Council Mr. Benon Kakuru.

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