Why schools should be immediately opened

Education Minister Janet Museveni during a recent press address

Education Minister Janet Museveni during a recent press address (PHOTO/File)

By Moses Mulondo

KAMPALA — As cabinet convenes today to discuss the reopening of schools and other institutions of learning the following are the reasons why reopening should happen immediately;

1. COVID-19 appears to have come to stay like malaria, HIV and other diseases. We have to learn to live with it.

2. Parliament, Civil Society, managers of schools, parents, and students want schools to immediately reopen.

3. Students and teachers can be supported by government and sensitized to adhere to SOPS.

4. Students are equally not safe at home as they move in communities and markets and also interact with their family members who go to congested places. The national compliance rate for SOPS appears to be below 3%. Majority Ugandans are living like Tanzanians; not bothered about COVID-19.

5. Huge economic cost/loss to the economy in the continued lockdown to institutions of learning and other businesses that are still in the lockdown.

6. Students getting pregnant and others losing interest in education after joining the labour market.

7. Possibility of many schools and institutions especially private ones closing business after failing to meet maintenance costs.

8. Mass exodus of teachers from the teaching profession especially the majority who are in private schools and are no longer getting salaries.

9. Students have already lost a full year without studying. Any more time loss not fair to them.

9. Most countries in the world including neighbouring countries have reopened schools.

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