Ykee Benda named Victoria University ambassador

Ykee Banda Victoria UniversityKAMPALA – Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) acting president Ykee Benda aka Wycliffe Tugume has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the City Mogul owned Victoria University.

The youthful popular musician Ykee Benda who is also the Mpaka Records boss said he is happy and excited to announce that he is the new face of the prestigious University, located in the heart of the city centres.

“Before I even go ahead to congratulate myself, let me tell you that Victoria University has made a 50% discount on all courses. I have achieved a lot because of the education I got and it has always been a dream to work with an education institution and see how lucky I have got to work with such a caring University, God is really amazing,” he said.

The singer and influencer added that this has come in handy especially for the youth and he rallied them to utilize the opportunity to better their social status in this ever changing country.

“So my people mostly the youth, the 50% discount is here, please let us go and add something to what we know in a bid to better our lives and societies. This is a chance to get our lives changed,” he explained.

Ykee Benda was announced on an event where Victoria University has on slashed tuition fees by a half for both joining and continuing students, in a gesture by management to enable learners to study for as low as UGX1 million for the next three years.

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Victoria University is a cosmopolitan institution of learning accredited by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) and attracts learners from over different countries.

Well, let us hope the UMA president, Ykee Banda will help lobby some scholarships for artists in his fraternity.

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