You can’t use my daughter’s life to shut me up – Pastor Senyonga

MAKERERE -Pastor Jackson Senyonga has responded to fellow pastors who have been using her daughter’s (Elizabeth’s) life to exhibit him as a failed man of God to stop it.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church Bwaise. (Courtesy Photo)

Senyonga admits that as any other parent, he raised his Children with faith in God however as they grow, some tend to be misled by their peers into many anti-social behaviors

“My daughter Elizabeth has God in her heart but I can’t say that he serves the Lord. She entered into a different lifestyle due to her own mistakes.”

He pointed out that she has not yet healed but it’s not proper to use her errors to shut him up wherever he comments on spiritual matters.

“She is 30 years old and she is an adult who can make her own decisions. We raised her well under Christ.”

Ssenyonga expressed hope that any time the Lord he serves, will heal his daughter and get back to her normal life.

How it started

In one of his preaching, Pastor Robert Kayanja Junior, a son of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Center Cathedral criticized Pastor Senyonga for attacking his father whom he referred to as ‘General in Christ’ instead of battling with the young ones.

He challenged him to return his daughter who is abroad battling with some addiction to be healed by the Miracle team.

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