YOUTHOLOGY: Top 10 things killing the youth that you must know

John Kamurinde is the author of the slavery in modern education (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA —The definition of the youth various across different countries. For the example the Nigerian youth policy defines the youth to mean any person between the age of 15-36 years. Uganda Bureau of Statistics defined the youth in 2015 to mean a person between the age of 18-30years. It has been said that the youthful stage is the most interesting and admired stage in the human cycle. Below I will show you things curtailing critical thinking in the youth today.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA. The youth in Uganda love social media more than friends, parents etc. whereas social media can be one of the avenues upon which the youth can take advantage to exploit the global village market, majority of them have been dwarfed by the events on social media. They have become followers other than makers. It has become a school through which they learn to discredit themselves and their societies.

2. SEX. Sex is a youth not only in Uganda but across the world but in Uganda “Kisuse”. What predominates the youth talk in Uganda is sex. Especially the boys. This has affected their concentration span on other matters that matter.

3. FOOD. There is nothing that pleases the youth like eating, food is the second god of the youth. To make matters worse the youth specialize in eating junk foods such as fries. This unreasonable form of eating has got subsequent health and economic consequences. It follows that the health constituency of the youth is in fragility.

4. UNEMPLOYMENT. The youth constitute more than 75% of the population in Uganda. However, majority of them are unemployed and this explains why majority of them are left with nothing but economic emigration in the middle east. Subsequently they are the poorest and desperate age group in Uganda and in the world as a whole.

5. DEPRESSION. Factors such as unemployment and social pressure is causing depression in the youth this has made some of them to end their lives, vulnerable to mental health diseases.

6. UNCERTAINITY ABOUT THE FUTURE. Majority of the youth have lost hope and believe their generation won’t succeed like their parent’s generation. Because of un employment, low income and investment the certainty of the future for the youth is something unrealistic.

7. SMARTPHONES AND INTERNET. This is one other thing killing the youth. An average youth especially the graduates can’t spend 30 minutes without internet. Whereas non adoption to the internet is fatal, the question that is paramount is what do these people do on internet? Majority of these are fascinated by porn on U-tube. No much production is done by them on these platforms.

8. PARTYING. Partying is one of the economic hazards facing the youth today. Every time you go on social media you see people celebrating birthday parties, introductions, weddings. There is no economic value behind the celebration of the parties. These unconscionable celebrations have discouraged the spirit of saving and planning thus killing the youth in the wrong run

9. VIRTUAL GAMES. Playing games is one of the factors that is contributing to the dumbing of the youth in Uganda. Some youth play games from week to week. Whereas there is no harm in playing games, what matters is the philosophy behind such. For some these games are their food, women, god etc.

10. BETTING. Betting is now the order of the day. Betting is purportedly the biggest investment for the youth today. It has replaced banks. The fact is that the youth bet on dogs, cuts, horses. They now bet on everything. The problem with betting is that it not only drains the small monies but also mental growth in the youth.

What is outlined herein above is not conclusive, there are a number of things killing the youth in Uganda. Such as drugs etc.

Kamurinde John is a lawyer, counselor and an author.
Kamurinde writes autobiographies for people. For any need contact me through the availed channels of communication hereunder.
Email. [email protected]
Tel. +256 708157586

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