Alien Skin in trouble, Abitex demands 70 million shillings

All is not well with singer Mulwana Patrick aka Alien skin as Pomoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex has threatened to take legal action against him for Contract bleach which lead him into losses.

Singer Alien Skin (Courtesy photo)

Through his lawyers of Lunar Advocates, Abitex contends that he had entered into agreement with the singer to stage Nkwacho Festival event at Forest Park Buloba on 18th June 2023 and a deposit of Shs 10,000,000 Ugx (ten million shillings ) was made to Alien with promise that the balance of Shs 90,000,000 Ugx (ninety million shillings) would be made before the concert.

Unfortunately , Alien Skin decided to breach the contract when he cancelled the concert without issuing any prior notice to Abitex which led him into losses.

“We demand that you pay our Client UgShs 71,500,000 (Uganda Shillings Seventy-One Million Five Hundred Thousand) within Seven (7) days from
the date of receipt of this notice, being a sum for the losses and darnages sustained as a result of cancelling the said event/show and also furnish to our Chambers a sun of UgShs 6,000,000(Uganda Shillings Six Million) as legal fees incurred by our Client whilst
instructing us.” reads part of the intention to sue notice.

Abitex alleges that he paid for the venue UgShs 20,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Twenty Million), paid Galaxy FM UgShs 2,500,000 (Uganda Shillings Two Million Five Hundred Thousand), paid Banners UgShs 6,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Six Million), paid Audio and Video Adverts UgShs 2,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Two
Million) paid Public Address System UgShs 15,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Fifteen Million) and paid Other Media UgShs 16,000,0000 (Uganda Shillings Sixteen Million)

The Advocates have given Alien , seven days with in which he has to pay all the money , failure of which he will face legal action.

Genesis of the contraversy

Last week , Alien Skin made a Uturn and changed the dates for the Nkwacho festival , thereby promising his fans that a new date and venue will be announced
which left the event organizer , Abitex in total shock.

After this announcement, Abitex assured fans that he was ready to continue with the event whose name he changed to ‘Red festival’ as Alien Skin via his official social media platforms announced that the new event for Nkwacho event is One Love Beach Busabala as he promised to release the date very soon.

Upon this news going viral, the Management of One Love Beach clarified that they have not been booked for any musical event as alleged by the singer.



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