Census Day: Government Declares Friday a Public Holiday

KAMPALA-As we are left with only three days to the National Housing and Population census of 2024, the government has advised Ugandans to stay at home on Friday 10th May 2024.


On addressing journalists on Monday at Naguru Police headquarters, Dr Albert Byamugisha , the chairman, of the board of directors of Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) reminded Ugandans that this day was declared a Public holiday by cabinet to facilitate a successful Census exercise.

“The night of 9th May 2024, is called a census night and all questions which will be asked in the census will refer to that night. 10th May 2024 is the census public holiday and the public is encouraged to stay at home to facilitate smooth start of the enumeration exercise.”

Census banner

He also noted that the census will last for ten days of which enumerators will be visiting all homes in the country

“The questions will be aimed at answering questions like; how many we are , in terms of gender, age and also looking at economic as well as social demographics. The second question will be about where you are (location) and the next will be how are you living?” Byamugisha added

Everyone whom the census night will finding Uganda’s borders, will be counted as part of Uganda’s population

The upcoming National Census is set to collect data that will play a crucial role in the allocation of wealth, dispensation of government services, and general representation.

The 2024 Census will be the 11th to be carried out in Uganda, the 6th to be carried out after independence, the 3rd census to be carried out by UBOS and the first digital Census in Uganda.











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