BAZEL ODEKE: NRM maestro in Serere by-election, a lesson to opposition

Emmanuel Omoding, son of the late Patrick Okabe has replaced his father as Serere County MP after winning the by-elections held on Thursday.

Emmanuel Omoding, son of the late Patrick Okabe has replaced his father as Serere County MP after winning the by-election held on Thursday.

In December 2021, NRM won the Kayunga LC5 chairperson by-election and later the parliamentary by_elections in Omoro county, Soroti City East, Gogonyo, Bukimbiri, and Busongera South constituencies

In all the constituencies, the opponents lamented of lack of fairness in the exercise which was skyrocketed by arrests, intimidation, and detention of supporters, infringing on their rights.

The “independent body”, the Electoral Commission was expeditious to throw the allegations in the human rights garbage and sarcastically affirmed to the Nation that, all the by-elections were free and fair.

With such irreconcilable cases, it has since then created a state of infringements in the process, which can be termed as a must-win for NRM in the by-elections.

Considering the recent background on by-elections, did NRM lose in Serere? Is an independent win an NRM or an Opposition gain? And what must the opposition actors learn?

When an independent candidate was declared a winner, top leaders in NRM were quick to pinpoint at each other at what they termed as “internal contradictions”

In any case, history has that, Empires rise and fall and Napoleon in another version stated that “when the further land is no more, the patriot must die”

Conversely, when you play Chess for leisure, you must allow or create an illusion for the opponent to think that he/she won too in order to keep them playing as your leisure goes on.

Aware of the atrocities committed in the previous by-elections, NRM did not want to go bare knuckles nor did they want to lose the seat to an opposition candidate.

Considering the fact that an independent candidate has an NRM background and is a son of the deceased, it was prudent that they went with ears on the ground.

Besides, aware of the “common narrative”, when the serving politician dies, the son or daughter would step in, which we saw in Usuk, Omoro, and many others, it was important to be twice wise

To give the son to the deceased a flag would serve two issues. Firstly, it would directly once again expose their thirst for a seat (which they’re of course) and secondly, it would breed confusion in the future and create an area of reference for the same cases.

To stay clean and not fall in for “a drowning man will clutch at a straw”, the best idea was to adopt an economic term, “a quasi-partner”.

In this case, the NRM flag bearer was used as a quasi and an independent candidate as the real owner of the business. To the NRM great thinkers, this was found befitting as the independent would obtain support from the masses due to his and his father’s background.

To think that NRM lost in Serere is an illusion and for an opposition cadre to celebrate the “loss” is a disgrace. In other words, they are trying to keep the opposition playing Chess in order to prolong leisure.

What is it to opposition players? Much as you keep the struggle on, you must as well understand what is making the struggle not finish. Anyone can be in the opposition but what do you do? Is it for personal interest or for the people whom you “consider” fighting for?

In a hunt for a leopard, it’s prudent that a hunter does not get off the track for a rabbit, if the focus is not streamlined for a purpose then it’s obvious that it will fall for anything. It is a high time notes are taken and read deliberately otherwise the word opposition shall remain an abstract and osmosis for individual profiles.

To fellow countrymen and women, if you behave not to “see it’s obvious that you won’t see, the same to hear or smell”. We must learn and redirect our thoughts to what is good for us and for our grandchildren when we are no more. There’s no good fight if what you can do is wait for the results. If you do not take part, it’s my prayer that you don’t lie to your grandchildren when they ask for your effort.

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