DAVID MAFABI: The silent but fast-moving evil of Lesbianism, homosexuality in schools, who will fight this?

MBALE – The two embarrassing unverified stories of lesbianism and homosexuality at Vienna College and another at King’s college Budo have left students and parents confused.

Initially I thought these two schools would come out to deny the allegations as being false but they went mute akin a guilty mind.

A few days later, we saw a circular allegedly authored by the Head Teacher King’s college Buddo conceding the incident actually happened and they were developing measures to mitigate or control the vice from destroying the image of the mighty school.

David Mafabi, a veteran journalist (PHOTO/Courtesy)

David Mafabi, a veteran journalist (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Am also certain that if the allegation were not true, the school would have come out to dispute the claim but they haven’t. Assuming the allegations are true, what preventive measures are being put in place to deal with the silent yet fast-moving western vice?

Are parents going to sit back and assume it won’t happen to their own children? Some of us who went through boarding school in the 1990s will confirm with certainty that homosexuality has always existed in both boarding single and mixed schools be it primary or secondary.

The difference here is that there were no social media platforms to expose the vice for others to know.

We know some of the victims and perpetrators of the vice, they are with us in society and there is evidence some of them are still practicing evil acts.

Some of them have gone ahead to hide under the umbrella of marriage with the opposite sex yet they still find room to resurrect their old habits. Having agreed that the vice has always lived with us, then our attention should shift to finding out why there is a lot of complacency among teachers, students, parents, and the government.

Our government is certainly aware of the vice but are afraid to take it head-on, reason, the donors are always watching out for any interventions that could curtail this new “set of human rights” They have instead authorized the construction of a medical facility at Mulago called

“Most-At Risk-Population Initiative (MARPI) to deal with the after-effects of lesbianism and homosexuality instead of enforcing preventive measures right at source to stop the vice. Anyone doubting me should look at the website of MARPI medical facility for details.

It appears we have conceded defeat, the white man is holding all of us by the ears. Should we choose to behave like a social media parent who opted for homeschooling? How many of us can afford the costs, and how sure are we that government will not oppose the idea?

Should parents transfer their children from schools that are notorious for lesbianism and homosexuality? If we do so we may end up moving our children every term as the vice has already eaten the bone marrow of our education system. Our only hope lies in the elusive parental guidance as our government and the majority of our religious institutions have been compromised.

Headteachers in the majority of government schools are minting a lot of money from the sympathizers of homosexuality and lesbianism in exchange for complacency.

The catholic and protestant churches that owned many of these schools have lost a grip on what goes on behind the scenes. No wonder a head teacher in a prominent secondary school is at loggerhead with the church having retired and saw it wise to appoint his successor, what is he hiding?

The private schools especially those that call themselves international have taken the notch a little bit higher. These were silently accommodating lesbianism and homosexuality for fear of damaging their reputation but these days they don’t care.

Even if they get have of their previous population for the next term, the promoters of the vice will always supplement and keep them in business.

They even got literature books stocked in their school libraries for the pupils and students to read and learn about lesbianism and homosexuality.

The school uniforms no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended. The students have been allowed to modify them to suit their desired sex orientations but the school administration is not bothered.

The inspectors of schools that existed during our time have gone silent yet they could have investigated these schools to find out why they were being liberal. The secret lies in the several donations and bursaries that some of these schools are getting.

The donors have been giving computers to schools yet continue to monitor and manipulate their use with illicit content. They have websites that provide misleading information to corrupt the morals of minors.  They are determined to dent our core values in the name of controlling the population.

So when you hear the Speaker of parliament demanding an investigation or some government officials have called for a meeting to discuss the allegation of homosexuality then you wonder who is fooling who.

Is it still an allegation after they allegedly admitted it? If homosexuality has been happening in that school unabated, why not begin by arresting the culprits with a view of prosecuting them?

I am personally waiting to see if parents will take their children to some of the notorious schools without getting assurance from the school administration.

David Mafabi is a veteran journalist and PML Daily senior writer

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