Uganda can survive without World Bank if govt reduces corruption by 30 percent, says NEED boss

National Treasurer of NEED, Mr. Basajja Charles,

National Treasurer of NEED, Mr. Basajja Charles (PHOTO/Courtesy)

The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) has focused on the current narrative where the World Bank came out and stated that it’s no longer going to support Uganda based on the anti-homosexuality bill which was recently passed in parliament.

The National Treasurer of NEED, Mr. Basajja Charles, said that 4.4billion dollars from the World Bank every year meant for Uganda has been useful in facilitating various gov’t activities, however, if it’s predicated on having to live with homosexuality, we don’t NEED it. He noted that we have undeclared income from Natural mineral exports like Gold, Copper, Iron Ore, Uranium, and others to the tune of Uganda shillings 23 Trillion every year. Also, there are other areas where we lose more than 11 Trillion in corruption, if only govt can reduce corruption by 30%, cut classified expenditure by half, and reasonably account for our mineral revenue, there is no reason whatsoever why Ugandans must be worried about homosexuality funds. Let this income be registered in the national coffers in order to fill up the deficit as a result of the facility which is not going to be realized from the World Bank…” Said the National Treasurer of NEED.

Mr. Basajja also mentioned that there are other sources where govt can realize more revenue. For example; Uganda shillings 20 trillion from unutilized loans attracting 392 billion in commitment fees, 7 Trillion allocated for the State House budget can be revised to cut out extravagances, and several top Govt officials can consider salary and amenities cuts, especially authority officials who earn exorbitant salaries. Such authorities include but are not limited to; URA KCCA, UNRA etc.

…Furthermore, govt must reflect income from the services UPDF is offering outside Uganda, i.e. Congo, Somalia, Central African Republic and South Sudan, such revenue can comfortably facilitate the various govt activities being affected by the World Bank’s withdrawal of support…

“In conclusion, we don’t NEED World Bank’s monetary support especially after clearly learning that it comes with homosexuality attachments.” Secondly, we don’t agree with the government’s move to cut public servants’ salaries who are already meagerly paid, Said Mr. Basajja Charles.

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