Edifice Properties unveils luxury apartments in Kulambiro at affordable prices

Urban View Apartments in Kulambiro

Urban View Apartments in Kulambiro

KAMPALA – Edifice Properties Limited has put on sale their latest luxury apartments located in the much sought-after upscale near Kulambiro Ring Road.

The project dubbed Urban View Apartments developed in conjunction with Universal Multipurpose Enterprises Ltd – Affordable Housing Uganda is a signature property that represents the epitome of style and will set new standards for luxury but affordable homes, according to the developer.

With a project value in billions, Urban View Apartments aims to provide a comprehensive and holistic lifestyle experience for its residents, starting at prices as low as UGX 135 million for one-bedroom units.

The building will also contain high-end amenities such as a terrace turf, gym; play area, backup 24/7 security, backup Generator, community living, and an elevator.

Other amenities include a designated parking, a designated garbage area, and a community office.

“Forged from glass and steel, Urban View stands tall enough for a serene View and welcomes the city’s innovators, professionals, and creatives through its doors,” says the developer.

Mr. Abbas Rasheed, General Manager at Universal Multipurpose Enterprises Ltd said the project has only 10 units remaining.

He said Kulambiro luxury high-rise community provides its residents with sophisticated and trendy apartment features and extravagant and resort-style amenities at a very effective price.

The Kulambiro residential area, where the Urban View Apartments are situated, embodies the essence of a desirable location in real estate.

As the saying goes, “The only three things that matter in real estate are location, location, and location.”

A property’s value can be heavily influenced by its surroundings. While a large home with numerous amenities may be devalued if it is located next to a garbage dump, a modest one-bedroom house in an up-and-coming area can command a substantial price.

Kulambiro, a tranquil neighborhood characterized by well-established residential and rental houses, along with newly constructed and fenced properties, is witnessing significant growth.

Situated in the Nakawa Division, Northeast of Kampala, Kulambiro has experienced urbanization since the completion of the Kampala Northern Bypass Highway, which separates the area from Kigoowa to the south.

This development has spurred the transformation of Kulambiro from a rural part of the Wakiso District into a burgeoning urban centre.

The highway passes through Kulambiro, connecting Kiwatule to the east with Kisaasi and Bukoto to the west.

Kulambiro is divided into four zones: Kasaana, Tuba, Kulambiro Central, and Kondoboro, all of which fall under the Kyanja Parish in the Nakawa Division, bordering the Kisaasi Parish.

Significant changes in the area began in 1998, leading to a rapid growth in population as more people purchased land and constructed residential houses, as well as a few apartments.

This surge in development has made Kulambiro an attractive location for individuals seeking a peaceful and established community.

The proximity of Kulambiro to key transportation routes and it’s evolving urban landscape have contributed to its desirability among homebuyers and investors.

The partnership leverages the strengths and expertise of both companies to create exceptional living spaces that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern residents and

Both companies have a track record of delivering upscale luxury residences and their partnership will redefine the real estate landscape in Kampala and neighbouring areas.

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