GEORGE MUHIMBISE: To the NRM leaders, Spare Alice Alaso, Spare ANT, Spare our rabbit

George Muhimbise

George Muhimbise is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Our brothers in the NRM, a by election in Serere has come, as you have always done, you may be tempted to use force to win that election.

But before you chose that path? Look at the quality of a parliamentarian you will have lost! Hon Alaso was in Parliament for three terms, at first representing Soroti & later Serere District. She was one of the best debaters in the national assembly, when she chaired the Public Accounts Committee, billions were saved through her efforts. Alaso is an experienced leader, an orator, a unifier & a God fearing person.

Our Parliament has many young people, many of them new faces, they need seniors like Hon Alaso to mentor them, to nurture them, to guide them and above all to bring that much needed voice of reason in our national assembly!

Alice Alaso’s record in the house speaks volumes, her contributions to women emancipation remains unmatched, her role in transforming Teso is always fresh in our minds, his leadership & networking skills are exceptional!

Our politics has become too extreme, radicalism has shaped our political landscape both in government & in opposition, we have turned against each other’s throats which is sad for our country, Alaso is that voice of a shork absorber who brings sense and reason in our politics, she represents a party which believes in values of discipline, respect to diversity, honesty & transparency, the NRM may not have those values, but our country needs them and Alaso is a champion of those very values!

To our NRM friends; Serere is a unique by-election! It reminds me of the Noah’s Ark in the bible when God finished the world but had to spare his creation for the future generations!

As you know God ordered Noah to put every animal in the ark, and each animal had both male and female species for purposes of reproduction!

In this Ark, were every specie; a cow, a lion, a goat, a dog, a rabbit, a frog, an antelope, a cheater, a hyena, a leopard, a cat & a rat etc!

Because the world had to exist beyond the flooding, the big animals did not step on small ones neither did they feast on them!. The cow did not step on the frog, the cat did not eat the rat, the leopards did not eat an antelope, the lion did not eat the goat or rabbit. The reason was simple, there had to be life after the flooding. If the cat had eaten a rat, the generation of the rats would be no more and the cat would die of hunger eventually! If the lion had eaten the goat or rabbits, they would all face extinction, and the lion would in future have no food!

So for the animals to survive & have life in the next generations, they had to coexist, they had to tame their appetite!

In this Serere by-election, ANT has presented Alice Alaso as a candidate, ANT is a small party which is about three years old! You NRM people are giants who have been in power for four decades. If I was to use the analogy of Noah’s ark, you are lions & we are rabbits, you are giants & we are a small young party, honestly why would you not spare that one seat for us? With close to 400 NRM MPs in Parliament, what would you lose if ANT had one MP? Why should you fight with all the violence & force just because you don’t want us to exist?

To the NRM leaders, especially the President and the Ministers, why can’t you let a rabbit also exist in this Ark? Why do you want to swallow it?

To the NRM people, why can’t we for once have a peaceful election where we let the people of Serere decide who to lead them?

No matter how good the food is, it needs some little salt to test well, Alice Alaso is that salt that we are bringing to Parliament, no matter how good tea can be, it can never test without sugar, Alice Alaso is the sugar we are bringing to Parliament, no matter how good a vehicle can be, it can not drive at night without light, Alaso is the light we are bringing!

To the NRM leaders, you could be lions Indeed but we also need to survive in this big “Noah’s Ark”, let the rabbit be left to survive! Our country will be better off if it can be given hope than despair!

To those who would want to stand with Hon Alice Asianut Alaso (AAA) in Serere by-election, get in touch with us through these contacts; 0701212114 and 0770832992 for Hon Winnie Kizza.

May God bless you

Muhimbise George, muhimbiseg@gmail.com,0787836515. The author is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation Publicity Committee


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