I have never released a bad song – David Lutalo

A few days to the his Nalongo Album launch concert scheduled this month, Musician David Lutalo has expressed the love he has towards his fans whom he says that should always enjoy the best.

Singer David Lutalo.

In an interview early this week , when asked about his best song , Lutalo revealed that he has close to 200 songs eversince he started his music career but all of them are of quality standard.

“The songs which i feel that they don’t fit the quality i want , I don’t release them for my fans because i want them always to enjoy the best.” Lutalo responded

On why he chose Cricket oval as the venue for his coming concert, Lutalo noted that he tried out Hotel Africana after covid19 lockdown and he realized that many people missed out since they couldn’t all fit in that place.

“I had seen Africana as enough venue for my fans then considering the economic effects which were left by covid19 , but my fans proved me wrong when they turned up in large numbers.”

Secondly Lutalo says that unlike his previous album launches , this year he wants to perform for his fans while they are seated since majority of them are coporate class.

“This Concert was organized by my management not promoters because of several reasons. Before giving my concert to promoters , i first look at their concept on advertisement, venue and the musical equipments to be used.”

He says that this time he checked with various Music promoters in town and realized that he had a better strategy than them and therefore decided to handle his concert himself without engaging third parties.

“I can’t reveal my grand entrance on stage now because its too early and i want to keep it as a surprise for those that will show up. Fans used to support me when i had few songs but now tehy should expect something marvellous because they will enjoy a variety at the launch.”

David Lutalo during one of his performances. (Courtesy photo)

On why majority of his songs are about love , Lutalo revealed that he sings about several topics only that some people get caught up mostly by the love songs.

About naming the lead song “Nalongo”,David revealed that although the title Nalongo is a title  given to a lady who has given birth to twins, nowadays it got another meaning , whereby people in much love (men ) use it as another name for their beloved wives.

Nalongo show is scheduled to take place on 29th September 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.


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