Internet users urged to embrace satellite solutions for seamless connectivity in rural areas

Michael Mukasa, Roke Telkom Chief Commercial Officer giving his remarks during the workshop

Michael Mukasa, Roke Telkom Chief Commercial Officer giving his remarks during the workshop

Ugandans in the rural areas have been urged to leverage satellite connectivity services to access information and entertainment.

Speaking at a recent conference on Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) connectivity in Kampala, Roke Telkom’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Michael Mukasa said, “Ugandans should embrace satellite Internet connectivity because it’s available even in places where mobile or fixed internet networks are unreliable. It is a fail-safe option that provides fixed-line connectivity to ensure continuity of service and it works well in most rural locations miles from a telephone exchange as it does in the most urban centers.”

VSAT is a technology that delivers Internet directly to the end user location from a satellite in outer space as opposed to fiber optic or microwave/wireless broadband that are terrestrial, and targets mostly remote areas that may not have fiber or wireless internet infrastructure.

Mukasa assured users that they can now work remotely with uninterrupted internet with solutions that come with VSAT. With satellite, Ugandans in even the remotest areas can access fast and reliable internet in public places, restaurants, NGO’s, hostels, offices just as easily as those in urban areas.

The conference was attended by, among others, Eutelsat, who are the Roke Telkom VSAT technical partners.

Commenting on the VSAT technology, Jesse Ntale, the Roke Telkom, Brand and Marketing Manager, said; “One doesn’t need to understand all of the technicalities of modern data communications to get to grips with the basics of satellite internet technology, but rather, use it, once it is up and running in your organization or business premises.” The technology behind satellite data connectivity is very different when compared with telephone line technology and even fiber-optic broadband.

“The need for reliable, affordable, and fast internet manifested during the Covid 19 lockdown when more and more companies adapted from traditional office physical meetings to virtual communication and has since continued to take root,” Ntale added.

VSAT is a solution for individuals, businesses and organizations working in remote areas that cannot access mobile and fibre network.

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