Kween Bee keepers vow to improve the activity in Sebei region

KWEEN-Members of Kween Bee Honey Farmers Association, one of the top bee keeping groups in Sebei region have expressed the need to have all farmers in the area trainned on proper channels through which they can improve and market quality products from honey.

Kibeti Coneal showing off some of their bee hives found in Kween.

“We are grateful to Action Aid International Uganda for having trained us in this business which has taught us alot of new things. Its now our duty to build our community through bringing more members (mostly youth and women) on board by empowering them with knowledge and skills in bee keeping , honey harvesting as well as processing.” Kibeti Coneal ,31 , Kween district , Chairperson Kween Honey Bees products

Although this group started small with only 20 local hives in 2019 , it received support from its partners including Ministry of Agriculture which has enabled them to expand to 50 hives including 20 local and 30 modern ones (KTBs)

“We are looking forward to become a collection center for honey from all over sebei region but we haven’t fulfilled due to lack of capacity to buy honey from Farmers. We call upon all good hearted individuals or organizations to support us and fulfill our dreams.”

Chamayek Justine ,40, treasurer Kween Honey Bee products revealed that they doesn’t regret having joined bee keeping because it has greatly helped them to uplift their standards of living.

” When we harvest honey, we sell it and get money to support our families like paying school fees for our children. We get other items like Bee wax which is used in making of Vaseline, Propolis which is a remedy go fresh wounds and ulcers.”

Kibeti Oneal and Chamayek Justine at the Group’s outlet

She added that on top of the above products, they also make candles which they sell and they use some at home wherever there is a power blackout.

The challenges faced by people in Bee keeping business include; Increased cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) among their families since most of their husbands think that they have other partners in the group.

“Its hard to convince your partner that you have accompany other group members at night to collect honey from hives. Some men end up seperating with their wives as others have ended up with endless fights in their homes.”

Most women fear bees which limit their involvement in honey harvesting process.













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