Mufti Tips Muslim Youths on Hardwork

KAMPALA– His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje has implored Muslim youths countrywide to embrace hard work to improve their livelihood. The Mufti made this plea during the inaugural National Muslim Youth Day held at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC headquarters on Saturday.

Mufti Shaban Ramadan Mubajje (2nd left) with other officials who attended the colorful ceremony.

According to the Mufti, Uganda is endowed with various resources and opportunities that can help young people to get out of poverty. “I have seen young men selling sugarcane that they cut and pack polythene bags for value addition. How much capital do you think they need to do this? “he asked while addressing Muslim Youth representatives from various districts across the country.

He also cited the example of women especially from Northern and West Nile region harvesting papyrus reeds from Busega wetlands, which they sale on the roadside to earn some money. The Mufti cited the prophetic tradition in which he stated that a strong believer is beloved be Allah compared to a weak believer.

“During the time of the prophet, one youth approached him for support from Zakah collections but when the prophet looked at him. He asked him why he should be helped yet he was able bodied and energetic. The prophet advised him to go and collect firewood from Mt. Uhud saying it was better for him to eat from his sweat other than begging for handouts,” he said.

Sheikh Mubaje hailed the government led by president Yoweri Museveni for introducing several programs to uplift Ugandans from poverty.

“Ugandans are better off compared to people in many countries we have visited because of various proverty allevaitaion programs initiated by the government although Muslims have not fully benefited because of the component of interest rates, but many other citizens have benefited,” he said.

The Mufti asked the Govt to scale up investment in the skilling program to help young people to acquire skills to address the unemployment problem in the country. “While the Govt has started various initiatives to help the youths we call for investment in skilling programs to help our youths to create their own projects, and improve their living standards,” he said. The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga who represented President, Yoweri Museveni hailed the UMSC leadership under Sheikh Mubaje and the national chairperson, Prof. Muhammad Lubega Kisambira for rallying Muslim youth natiowide for development.

“We were used to Muslim youths fighting in Mosques. There was a time there were fights even in my own district Kamuli but I didn’t know what to do since they were all my supporters. What we are seeing here today is a positive development,” she said. She said bringing together youth from different districts of Uganda will help them think together and share ideas.Kadaga donated Shillings 20million as seed capital for the establishment of the National Muslim Youth Sacco in response to a request from the National Muslim Youth Council chairperson Habib Mustafa to support the UMSC based Majilis Sacco to help the youth.Kadaga noted that it was prudent for the Muslim youths to start an independent Sacco instead of hiding under the one established by the council.

“I am making a donation of Shillings 20 million as seed money to help you start your own Sacco so that we hold you to account. Don’t hide under the one started by the Mufti,” she said while handing over an envelope to Habib Mustafa and his executive. She also hailed the UMSC national chairperson Professor Muhammad Lubega for putting in place a strategic plan for the council.

“While it’ has taken more than 50 years to put in place a strategic place, this is a good start. You are on the right track to progress,” she said. Kadaga promised to pursue some of the issued raised by the Mufti and professor Lubega. “I have taken note of the issues of the Mufti and Prof. Lubega have raised and pledged to remain your ally in the cabinet,” she pledged.

Earlier on Dr. Joseph Muvawala Nsekere, the executive director of the National Planning Authority-NPA tipped the youth on the importance of planning and prioritizing their activities given the scarce resources. He pledged on behalf of NPA to write project proposals for Muslim youth at no cost. “We shall write for you propasals at no cost because youths form a large part of our population and can contribute to National development,” he said.

The colourful event was attended by high-ranking UMSC officials who included Hon. Counsel Haj Muhammad Ali Aluma, the UMSC Acting Secretary, Honorable Members of the General Assembly, Executives, departmental heads, Regional Assistants to the Mufti, District Kadhis, prominent Sheikhs, high profile personalities among many others.




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